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Secure Push-To-Talk

Telephone Handsets For The Most Secure Applications *
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Push-To-Talk PTT-K-M-EM-95 for STE
A wide variety of government agencies, including the Department of Defense, US Army, Navy, and Coast Guard use the Plantronics Walker PTT-K-M-EM-95-00 Push-To-Talk handset with Secure Terminal Equipment (STE), and Secure Telephone Units (STU-III). Cryptographic devices such as the STU and STE “lock” the message and sends the encrypted signals to another cryptographic device where the message is “unlocked” communications are then encrypted from one phone to another all the way through the Public Switch.
Push-To-Talk WS2620 for CISCO

The WS2620 handset for CISCO IP phones features a sleek click-stop push-to-talk button intuitively located in the center of the handset. Cisco IP phones lead the IP communications device market providing a complete portfolio of true IP business phones. With their distinctive look, they provide ease of use superior audio quality, increased accessibility to people with disabilities, exciting physical design and ergonomics, advanced services, and applications and capabilities that are only available with a real IP solution.

Compatibility Guide: STE | STU-III | Cisco