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Quick Disconnect Adapter

  1. Plantronics A10 Adapter

    Brand New



    Plantronics is considered the world’s leading designer, producer and introducer of advanved technology and innovative lightweight headset and headphones with their accessories. The latest addition of plantronics is the Plantronics A10 Adapter. The plantronics A10 adapter lets you to connect your plantronics H series headset or headphones to your handsets with ease through headset port. It efficaciously connects your headset or headphone directly to  your Personal computer  headset port to deliver  amazing and crispy quality of sound. The coil cord provides comfortable length to users to move around during talk. This reliable and easy to use Plantronics A10 Adapter excludes the need of an amplifier for users comfort and convenience and also has plantronics quick disconnect feature.

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  2. Plantronics HIS 1 for Avaya 9600 Phones

    Brand New



    The Plantronics is meant to be for headsets only, they offer complete range of headset series, accessories and related products. The Plantronics HIS-1 Adapter for Avaya 9600 Phones is a the new addition in the family of Plantronics other than headset. The Plantronics HIS-1 Adapter is so helpful and can be synchronized with phone and improve your old phone with latest technology.

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