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Plantronics Wireless Headsets


Wireless headsets are rapidly becoming a must have for many activities involving businesses, client promotion, office communications, or simply comfort while performing other activities. A wireless headset has a headphone that is usually attached to your head or ear and provides a base that is connected to your computer with absolutely no cables. This does away with the hassle of getting all tangled up with wires. These wireless headsets use the greatest technology on the market. They are a no-brainer and pretty easy to use, which makes them a perfect gadget to improve performance and communication within your office. There are many perks involved in the use of wireless technology. Seamless communication is definitively a plus when it comes to connecting within any office and/or department. These devices are versatile and allow faster speed of answer, a much better call experience that allows you to deliver answers from your computer while speaking on the phone, greater performance, and an enhanced protection at the office.

Plantronics is offering wide range of wireless headsets for personal and official use. Plantronics wireless headsets are famous for delivering superior sound quality and comfortable design. These wireless headsets are a complete package of seamless style without compromising quality. Telegiants is offering largest collection of Plantronics Wireless Headsets at the most competitive price.  

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  1. Plantronics CS540 with Lifter

    Brand New



    Bluetooth devices are getting popularity among the people with the increase in the technological trends and also as a fashion statement among the young men and women. These are helping the users with attending and rejecting their call along with the discussion. Plantronics offered the CS540 with lifter which is basically a convertible headset. The headsets are simpler solution than using a hands free for call purposes as your hands are no doubt free but the wires mess up the surrounding and act as disturbing factor in the situations involving rapid movement like driving car or others.

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  2. Plantronics CS50 (Discontinued)

    Brand New



    This Product is Discontinued and  Replaced By Plantronics CS540

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  3. Plantronics CS510 with Lifter

    Brand New



    This is the enhanced version of CS Series, this headset is replacement of Plantronics CS351N, there are many new features added in Plantronics CS510 Bluetooth Headset with Lifter, all with the same dependability for wireless productivity that has made the CS Series a best seller for last many years. The legendary Plantronics CS510 Bluetooth Headphone with Lifter is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS510 Series

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  4. Plantronics CS520 with Lifter

    Brand New



    DECT Wireless headsets offered by Plantronics CS520 Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Lifter is basically a solution for crystal clear voice removing the unwanted sound signals and disturbing noises during the talk. It has proved itself to be a standard for the further designing of the headsets. It is feature rich and contains almost all the features which are the essential for the considered solution. The headsets are light weighted and are portable so could be carried on distant places without hassle of heavy equipment and tension of wires. Only a single button is used for various different operations like receiving, rejecting, increasing or decreasing the volume of the call by using them differently for each.

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  5. Plantronics CS530 with Lifter

    Brand New



    Headsets are used because these allow the users to hear the voices from the other end in a clearer form while offering the option of working and talking at the same time. Plantronics CS530 Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Lifter is worn over the head (as the name suggests headset) and the earpiece is inserted in the ear for easy voice. The microphone performs the same functions as that of the mobile phone but the speech quality is better and the other person can hear your voice with more clarity than from the mobile phone. The technology used for the device is Bluetooth which allows the connection between mobile, cordless and headset.

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  6. Plantronics Spare Headset for CS530 W430 W730

    Brand New



    The Plantronics Spare Headset for CS530 W430 W730 is a creation of Plantronics to keep their item alive and to be with you. If your headset is lost or broke, this is a spare headset which replaces the seat of the older one. Plantronics Replacement Headset for CS530 W430 W730 gives solution to the placed or ruined Savi W430, Savi W730 or CS530. This headset the ability to work in multi shift environment as many devices can be synchronizing with it at a single time.

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  7. Plantronics CS55 (Discontinued)

    Brand New



    This Product is Discontinued and  Replaced By Plantronics CS540

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  8. Plantronics CS55 with Lifter (Discontinued)

    Brand New



    This Product is Discontinued and Replaced By Plantronics CS540 with Lifter

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  9. Plantronics CS70N (Discontinued)

    Brand New



    This Product is Discontinued and  Replaced with Plantronics CS530

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  10. Plantronics CS351N (Discontinued)

    Brand New



    This Product is Discontinued and Replaced with Plantronics CS510

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