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Jabra UC Voice


Jabra UC Voice Series Headsets provide users with a range of headsets which have all the necessary features a good headset must have in order to meet user’s requirement.UC stands for unified communications and Jabra UC Voice Series Headphones provide users with a platform on their computers which allows them to integrate IM, phone calls and video conferencing etc. This series of headsets contains a wide range of mono and binaural corded headsets which are extremely feasible for users working in professional environments where telephonic conversations are major part of the daily routine.

The headsets in this series are designed with the advanced noise cancelling properties which ensure that the communications carried out through these devices is free of any background noises or disturbance. The noise canceling microphone ensure that only the voice of the caller is conveyed over the network and minimizing all other extra voices. The devices in Jabra UC Voice Series contain UC Plug and Play which provides the user with spontaneous call response ensuring quick response to important calls which enhances productivity of the users. The HD voice quality of these headsets provides users with clarity of voice which is easily understood at both ends which prevents any missed information.

Another major feature is remote asset management which enables the users to configure multiple devices remotely from a single central point thus saving time. The comfortable design of these headsets enables the users to wear them for long work hours without any discomfort. The ear pads are soft and avoid causing any strain to the ears. These headsets are available in a variety of wearing styles which can be selected according to the preferred choice of the users. The boom arm of the headset is flexible and can be rotated according to the need of the user in accordance with the comfort level. Telegiants is providing quality headsets to users since long and Jabra UC Voice series is one of the best available series of headsets provided by Jabra. In order to satisfy customers 30 days money back guarantee is also offered.

  1. Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo Microsoft Optimized

    Brand New



    Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo Corded Headset Microsoft Optimized is a high quality binaural headset providing users with a comfortable and user friendly device. This headset has been specifically designed for unified communication deployment making them useful for official use. These headsets have proven to be very useful for desk centric employees as they are easy to carry around when the user needs to move from their desks in order to discuss important things. Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo Corded Headphone Microsoft Optimized is an extremely comfortable to wear device with its soft ear pads which don’t cause any kind of soreness even when worn for long office hours. These headsets have been optimized for Microsoft communicator and lync, etc.

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  2. Jabra UC Voice 750 Mono Dark

    Brand New



    These high quality headsets are corded headsets provided by Jabra which have been successfully providing users with quality products since a long time. Jabra UC Voice 750 Mono Dark Corded Headset has been specifically designed to be used in compatibility with IP based telephonic systems and unified communications. These headsets are highly suitable for desk centric professionals who are required to move around from desk to desk taking their headsets along. Jabra UC Voice 750 Mono Dark Corded Headphone satisfies user’s aesthetics with their impressive classic leatherette design and soft leatherette padding which are extremely comfortable to wear during long office hours without causing any discomfort to its users.

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