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Jabra GN9300e Series


The need for wireless mobility has increased as the technological evolution has increased its pace. Office employees and everyday people who are engaged in telephony activities for a living require wireless freedom in order to perform better. Jabra is continuing its relentless development of wireless headsets in order to provide consumers with better efficiency in their line of work. The Jabra GN9300e Series Headset is a series of headsets that aims for effortless and economic relief for consumers. Considered as one of Jabra’s more versatile line of headsets, the GN9300e Series comprise of cutting edge technology and efficient user for all types of users.

With the Jabra GN9300e Series Headphone, user mobility and wireless efficiency are provided to the user. Equipped with high tech wireless capabilities, wireless range are farther than usual. Not only the wireless technology equipped in this series are long range, it also features a secure transmission suitable for sensitive business calls. Powering the variants in this series are long lasting batteries that can work longer than a usual work shift. Some variants of the GN9300e are for exclusive for phone or computer use, and in some variants works on both. Versatile, secure, mobile, and safe. Some variants are comprised of advanced hearing technology, the GN9300e is certified as an ear-friendly device as it prides itself with hearing protection. And if a user owns multiple devices within GN9300e’s umbrella, the parts and accessories of the said devices are interchangeable making it very versatile. Complete with high quality sound, the GN9300e boasts an unbeatable sound quality for both microphone and earpiece. Capable of connecting multiple devices, the GN9300e is perfect for both business use and home use.

The Jabra GN 9300 Series has a wide variety of capabilities provided by Jabra for people with specific needs. HeadsetZone is a business partner of Jabra delivering world class quality headsets and accessories at exclusive prices. We deal with authentic and brand new products with a lifetime customer support program. We assure all our customers that the value they will receive from our items will be more than what they had originally paid for. And if an item does not meet their expectations, we will provide a 30 days money back guarantee.

  1. Jabra GN9330e Wireless Headset

    Brand New



    Innovation and smart design is an angle Jabra is constantly developing. Presenting the Jabra GN9330e Wireless Headset, a communication device that brings you hands-free convenience and high quality audio. Complete with smart technologies and a user friendly interface, the GN9330e is a very useful tool for telephony activities. Designed with a sleek sophisticated look, the Jabra GN9330e Wireless Headphone can blend in the everyday office environment. Equipped with a convertible wearing mechanism, the GN9330e can be worn either over the head or over the ear via ear hook. A state of the art wireless system allows the GN9330e to give users true wireless mobility.

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  2. Jabra GN9330e Wireless Headset with Lifter

    Brand New



    Jabra is taking the next step in communicative innovation as the definition of quality is being redefined. Introducing the Jabra GN9330e Wireless Headset with Lifter, mobile communications are becoming easier to achieve. From volume control to answering incoming calls, remote capabilities become real with the GN9330e. Together with its lifter, the GN9330e takes a big advantage as it no longer requires the user to walk over the telephone to answer incoming calls. With one press of a button on top of the headset, the lifter picks up the phone and the base will begin to transmit to the headset. It is so easy.

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  3. Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset

    Brand New



    Sophisticated, efficient, and easy to use headsets are what Jabra wants to provide to its consumers. With the Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset, every consumer will receive what they just need in a headset. Designed with cutting edge wireless technology, the GN9350e is a very efficient tool to use. Remote capability has been enhanced with this unit as signal quality won’t be affected by wide floor spaces in office environments. Easy to use and very compact, the GN9350e is perfect for office and even home environments. Remote functions are embedded to the headset itself to give the user efficient usage to reduce hassle.

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  4. Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset With Lifter

    Brand New



    Jabra is one of the leading manufacturers of world class quality headsets. Featuring the Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset with Lifter. With the GN9350e, wireless mobility has been gone beyond the limits. Designed with a handset lifter, taking incoming calls are now truly within reach for consumers. With a wireless range that will not be hindered by various environments, this unit can give the consumer easy to use communicative benefits. Enhanced security features and cutting edge technology that surrounds the GN9350e makes it a very versatile tool. Packed with all around capabilities, the GN9350e may just be the headset that suites you.

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  5. Jabra GN 9300 Series Spare Battery 14151-02



    Wireless headsets are now a key component in many industries and Jabra is continuing its relentless development in producing high quality headsets. Wireless headsets are very efficient and very handy since they provide mobility. With the definition of wireless, compact power sources come into most people’s minds. Powering these headsets require highly developed and sophisticated batteries such as the Jabra GN 9300 Series Spare Battery. Providing consumers with longer time usage on their Jabra headsets, efficiency and mobility will be put on a whole new level. With the Jabra GN 9300 Series Spare Battery, your use of one of the 9300 models will be a guaranteed satisfaction.

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  6. Jabra GN9300 Series Earhook



    In each and every one of Jabra’s wireless headset designs, efficiency, durability and mobility are also the key points. But what about style and comfort? Jabra has taken a look at these angles and provides consumers with all the needs that they are looking for. Whether it be multiple ways of wearing headsets or by just simply being stylish, Jabra can assure its customers that they have them covered. One of the ways the GN9300 Series can be worn is over the ear. This provides customer comfort without too much distractions on their face. With the Jabra GN9300 Series Earhook, wireless headsets come in style and become hassle free.

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  7. Jabra GN9300 Neckband



    Being one the leading manufacturers of quality headsets, Jabra is continuing to move forward to bring world class and affordable headsets to each and every one of its customers. One of the leading series in the Jabra headset line is the GN9300. Efficiency and user friendly are the key components that the GN9300 Series is built up upon. But what makes this series so special is that it also supports a vast line of compatibility among each and every one of the models composing it. Compatibility among these models are not limited to the technical side of it, but also with its accessories that make it more special. Built for comfort and style, Jabra brings to you the Jabra GN9300 Series Spare Neckband.

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