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Grandstream  phones

There is no doubt that Grandstream 4 lines phones offer the most diverse features to the user. The GXP2140 is one of the best options available. It has an amazing display and offers a maximum of 5 programmable keys to the user. Grandstream 4 line phones have a speakerphone option available so that users can attend to calls without holding on to the receiver. If you are a busy corporate professional, you would find these phones suitable.

The Grandstream GXP series is known for its impressive audio quality and display options.  The users of Grandstream GXP series do not necessarily need to use the receiver to take calls as a speakerphone option is available. This series suits line managers, departmental heads, CEO’s and other top level executives who have a busy schedule and need to make a large number of calls every day. Along with that this series of phones has a 5 way conferencing feature to coordinate with team members.

The Grandstream Video Phones is a successful option considering the need of video calls and conferencing these days. The Grandstream Video Phones are used in offices to communicate with people in the same as well as different location. The GXV3275 IP Video Phone is one of the best options in this relation.  It is used widely in the corporate world mainly by team members who need to coordinate with each other regarding professional tasks. These phones have a high resolution LCD and offer clear viewing to the user. These phones are fully Android supported.

The DP720 is counted among the best Grandstream Wireless Phones. Users using this phone can save a maximum of 500 contacts and a call history of 100 calls. Grandstream Wireless phones are recommended for offices where long call history has to be maintained. These phones offer quality connectivity with a good range.

Grandstream IP Surveillance cameras are used a lot for video monitoring purposes. For instance, these cameras can be synced with a phone and the user can view every person who is standing at his doorstep. Grandstream IP Surveillance cameras are used in both offices and homes. Grandstream is undoubtedly a well-known company dealing in phones, cameras and other similar devices.

For business purposes, video conferencing is a key requirement these days. Grandstream phones are preferred a lot for corporate purposes as they have attractive conference calling options. Some of these phones even offer a 5 way conference calling option.

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