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Cordless Headsets for VTech Phones


VTech Cordless Headsets for VTech Phones are designed especially for the usage around the house or small office. VTech Cordless Headphones for VTech Phones provides an economical, hands-free solution for receiving calls on cordless phones that have the universal jack, and features a regulating headband for a secure, comfortable fit. Whether you are working from home or racing through household tasks, the adjustable headband offers a comfortable, secure fit. These VTech Cordless Headsets for VTech Phones also eliminates the neck strain from balancing your cordless headphones or cell phone on your shoulder. These Cordless headsets are completely compatible with VTech phones. These Headsets are completely compatible with VTech phones that have a 2.5 mm jack. These Cordless headphones have a Boom-style microphone with noise-canceling technology which perfectly enhances voice clarity. Another best thing about these cordless headphones is that they are very lightweight along with over-the-head design while their adjustable headband provides a comfortable, secure fit to the users.

You can easily buy these VTech Cordless Headsets for VTech Phones from online shopping stores, and we at Telegiants have the complete range of these VTech Cordless Headsets for VTech Phones. These headphones mostly have a one-touch inline mute and volume control that directly puts sound management within easy reach. These headphones have more functions in it so you can easily use them with your VTech phones. If you’re going to buy this headphone from Telegiants online store, then you’ll be able to save extra dollars on your purchase via different types of discount deals and promotions. Even if there are no discount deals, you will only have to pay the lowest possible price for this order. Telegiants customers also get 30 days money back guarantee on their headphone purchase which is a plus point for the customers.

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    The AT&T TL7810 Wireless Headset for VTech Phones with DECT 6.0 technology features excellent range, strength, and security. Congenial with multi-line business systems, AT&T Synapse and SynJ business phone systems the TL7810 digital signal processing technology intensifies sound quality using SRS licensed technology. This headset is compatible with most corded and cordless phones, not just AT&T models. When paired including a phone you can answer incoming calls via the headset. Once your corded or cordless phone rings you simply lift the handset off the hook and then start talking on your headset.

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