Which Style of Headsets Suit Your Needs Perfectly – Usage Guide

Headsets have come a long way from being simple sound producers that were plugged in ears and did the basic job of providing adequate quality of music and sound. Different people have different priorities that have them prefer different style of headsets to provide ease of use and comfort at the same time. People using their headsets for business purposes such as call centers or financial institutions where almost a full day goes while wearing them, require lightweight and comfortable headsets. These business usage folks might not be looking for the most full of bass and highs and lows sounds but comfort for long time wear instead.

However, on the other hand, personal users that indulge in a lot of multimedia consumptions including music must always get something that get their ear drums full of bass with highs and lows as well. Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are famous nowadays. Headset brands like Plantronics, Sennheiser, Jabra, VXI or ASTRO offer unique advanced products that suit individual requirements perfectly. Here are some most common styles of headsets analyzed to give you a better idea about which ones suit your requirements perfectly:

In-Ear Style Headsets

The most basic and probably the oldest style of headsets are the typical in-ear style ones. However, even this basic type of headset options have gotten innovated a lot and now you can find high quality offerings. One of the lightest headset options in the market, these plug into the ear cancelling most of the outside noise with their somewhat tight in-ear fitting.

This tight fitting not only makes the sound better for the ear drums because they are very close to them but also doesn’t let them fall out when plugged in. However, when you want long time usage out of your headsets, these in-ear style ones can cause ear fatigue in a short amount of time. This is caused by the ear walls being pushed against constantly and that couple with the vibrations cause the muscles to tighten up. If you are a traveler type of person and want something minimal yet functional, in-ear style headsets will suit your needs best. But if you are power user for business usage or multimedia consumption, you might have to look otherwise.

Back of the Neck Style Headsets

The back of the neck style headsets are usually a combination of in-ear style ones and some highly supportive materials that keep the headsets planted securely even under most intense and shaky usages. Mostly used for sports or working out purposes, good quality back of the neck style headsets also provide weatherproofing guaranteeing safety for them even when used outdoors.

Some better options in this particular style of headsets also offer great sound quality, but these are also not recommended for business usage where keeping them in the ear walls for longer periods of time can be a problem. However, if you work out a lot or do your gym training while listening to your own music, these will suit best.

Over the Head Headsets

One of the most popular styles of headsets in the business industry and also personal usage one are the over the head style ones. These are usually much larger in style than any other style of headsets and have extended bands that rest on top of your head with the earpieces resting on top of the ears. Quality ones not only offer very comfortable headbands, but also soft and comfy foam covering all the contact points including ears and head.

Having large earpieces, these cover most of the ear, reducing outside interference and the noise cancellation headphone built in good quality ones provide a great sound experience. Sennheiser, Jabra and Plantronics are over the head style headset specialists and if you are willing to pay the price, offer some of the best quality sounds and music. Be sure to select lightweight products for your business long time usage and very high quality sound and slightly heavier ones for your personal multimedia usage.


Newer Convertible Hybrid Options

Having discussed all of these types individually, we are left with something that has only just been introduced in the market. Plantronics and Jabra innovated in this category by offering headsets that can be converted into any required usage style, including in-ear, over the head or back of the neck as required.

These have detachable parts that provide excellent quality and superior durability with easy snap on feature. This allows the convertible hybrid headsets to be converted to any required usage within no time at all. Practically any sort of a usage, including business long time, personal high quality and sports or workout secure ones can be enjoyed with these high end options.