Which Jabra Headsets Are Compatible With Nortel Phones

Searching online for economically priced products is wise thinking but simply ignoring the quality of the product for the price is foolishness. For instance, when you search online for companies selling wireless headsets, you would see numerous web links on your computer screen. It is quite logical that no one has the time or patience to look at so many websites, perform comparisons and filter a company that seems the best. On the contrary, even if you are successful in doing so, testing a company that does not have prior experience is nothing but taking a big risk. You may get a headset at a low price and then feel sorry for your selection after some time.

Instead, you can avoid this cumbersome process and buy a headset by Jabra. Jabra is a highly proficient company known for producing quality hearing devices including both corded and cordless phones. Buying a headset by this company simply means that you would get your hands on the best combination of outstanding audio quality, exceptional voice clarity, immense comfort, incomparable durability and economical price. Considering the quality level that Jabra headsets carry, the price charged by the consumer is quite economical.

Jabra produces state of the art headsets for Nortel phones. If you have a Nortel phone at work, you can pair it with one of the recommended Jabra headsets and enjoy amazing voice clarity. Jabra headsets are highly comfortable and users can wear them for as long as they want without getting exhausted. These devices are light weighted and you would not feel any burden on your head or ear.

Some of the Jabra headsets which would pair comfortably with a Nortel phone are listed below.

Jabra Motion Office UC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The Motion UC is a top of the line headset by Jabra and includes highly advanced features for the business professionals of today. The device is light and the user can wear it for the whole day without even getting slightly exhausted.  This headset is highly compatible and works perfectly with the mobile phone, office business phone and softphone applications on the PC. The user does not have to purchase an individual headset and use with each of these devices.

  • Most users use a mobile phone, computer as well as the conventional desk phone for calling purposes. It is hard to find a headset that works well with all three of them. The Jabra Motion UC is a highly dependable wireless headset with the finest features. Other than that, you can pair it with the computer, mobile phone as well as softphone applications. Any call which is received on any of these devices would be redirected to your Jabra Motion UC.

    For example, if you are on a call using your Nortel phone at work and you get a parallel call on your smartphone, you can switch the call if needed using the Jabra Motion UC. You would not even have to touch your mobile to perform this function. If you are using the Jabra Motion UC, you would not have to spend money on buying a separate headset for each individual device. It is a high standard wireless headset that pairs with a smartphone, PC and desk phone at the same time.

  • The Jabra Motion US is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. Thus, if you are a Nortel user, you can use a Jabra Motion UC with it for improved call reception and better call quality. Along with that, the Motion UC has another key benefit. Unlike other wireless headsets, the Jabra Motion UC does not pair with limited Bluetooth phones and tablets. Irrespective of the tablet or phone you have, if it has Bluetooth connectivity option, you would be able to pair the Motion UC with it without any difficulty.


Does every company which claims about providing quality Bluetooth connectivity actually provide this facility to the user? A simple answer to this question is no. Most companies making such claims do nothing but fool the customer. However, when you talk about Jabra, it is a highly professional concern and does not fake claims. The motion UC has a wireless Bluetooth range of 300 feet. Whether you are connecting this headset to a mobile, business phone or PC, you would be able to take a call-up to a distance of 300 feet from the connected device.

This flexibility makes Jabra a preferred headset for a number of professions. One of them is insurance agents. According to the job description that these professionals have, they are required to take multiple calls every day. Along with that, they even have to entertain customer calls while being at home after working hours or when they are commuting. Thus, to fulfill these requirements, they need a headset that is wireless offers a good range so that they do not have to be near their phone or PC every time when there is an incoming call.

Similarly, people of the stock industry cannot afford to sit in their seats at all times during working hours. However, they need to take calls while being on the move, driving or even shedding weight at the gym. For them, the Jabra Motion UC proves to be a suitable headset that matches their professional requirements. It offers them the comfort that is needed to wear a headset for a full day at work or even after that. Along with that, they can entertain important calls easily while being on the move.

  • Most professionals who use the wireless headset while being at work have tough and lengthy work schedules. In other words, they cannot afford to leave their professional tasks and focus on recharging their headset. For instance, consider the example of a stock trader. Stock traders need to be continuously on call and each call carries immense importance. Traders are contacted by people who invest money to execute transactions on the immediate basis. Along with that, these transactions have a high urgency level and cannot be delayed in any manner. Considering this level of urgency, a headset that has a long talk time without frequent recharging is an essential requirement for them.

    They cannot afford to skip customer calls due to the headset turning off. According to all these requirements, the Jabra Motion UC is a good option for all these professionals because it offers a continuous talk time of 8 hours. This is quite extraordinary as you would not have to recharge your headset for 8 hours after it has been fully charged. In other words, you would not have to recharge your headset for an entire working day after it has been fully charged.  Along with that, the headset has a highly impressive standby time of 360 hours.

For working professionals with a busy schedule at work, the Jabra Motion UC is a tailor-made headset.

  • The Jabra Motion UC provides an unbelievable level of convenience to the user. Apart from being one of the quality compatible headsets for Nortel phones, it also has an incredible motion sensor technology. With the help of this feature, you can pick a call while wearing the headset without using any controls. If you have an incoming call, you do not have to move your fingers and search for controls. If you are wearing the headset, the sensors would be activated and you would be able to hear the caller without pressing any button. This option proves to be very helpful when you are writing an important email and there is an incoming call. In this situation, the user does not have to shift his concentration from the keyboard and search for the “answer call” button. Simply wearing the headset would prove to be sufficient.

  • With the Jabra Motion UC, users do not need to press controls and adjust the volume. The headset performs automatic volume adjustments according to the loudness in the background. For instance, if there is noise in the environment, the headset volume would increase automatically.

  • The Motion US is termed as one of the best compatible headsets for Nortel phones due to various reasons. One of them is noise cancellation. With the Motion UC, you can enjoy a comfortable call even when there is extreme noise in the environment. This is because none of that sound would enter your ear. With the help of noise cancellation, all kinds of background sounds will be blocked completely.

While you are seeking compatible headsets for Nortel ones, you should only consider quality headsets that have a dependable noise cancellation feature. Using a headset at work without noise cancellation would have negative effects on your professional performance. It is quite hard to get complete silence at a workplace at all times. Thus, if you have an important official call from your departmental head and you have conversations going on behind you, it would be hard to concentrate on the call if your headset cannot block these background sounds. On the other hand, if you are using the Jabra Motion UC, you would not even have to think about background sounds as they would not disturb you in any way.

  • The Jabra Motion UC is a smart headset and comes with a voice command feature. For instance, if you have an incoming call, you can choose to accept or reject the call without pressing any button. If you are unable to use the control due to some reason, you would not miss the call. Instead, you would be able to attend or reject the call simply by using a voice command.

  • NFC is one of the many quality features which this headset has. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a feature with the help of which tablets and smartphones present near the headset would be searched at a faster pace. In other words, you would be able to pair your Jabra Motion UC in a quick manner with the required device.

  • Buying a headset that does not protect the ear against loud sounds is not intelligent thinking. Loud sounds can even cause permanent damage to the eardrum and result in loss of hearing ability. If you are using the Motion UC by Jabra, you can simply bid farewell to all these worries. The Jabra motion UC has a dependable Peak technology with the help of which ears are protected completely against loud sounds.

Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless


Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless is surely a recommended headset when it comes to compatible headsets for Nortel phones. Users who have a Nortel phone and are looking for a compatible wireless headset, the Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless would prove to be a perfect match.

  • One of the factors that reduce call quality at work is Wi-Fi interference. Due to Wi-Fi interferences, users experience clarity problems when they are in the middle of important calls. The state of the art Jabra Pro 920 provides a perfect feature to combat Wi-Fi interferences. This hearing device has DECT 6.0 technology that puts a complete end to Wi-Fi interferences.

  • Background sounds can prove to be a nuisance. These sounds make it hard for users to concentrate on important work-related communication. If you are using a Jabra Pro 920, all the sounds in your background would be blocked with the help of a high standard noise cancellation option. Noise cancellation is mandatory if you want to take official calls without depending on the calmness of the environment around you. This is exactly what the Jabra Pro 920 Mono helps you in achieving.  If you have this headset, you would not have to be necessarily present in a calm environment to communicate, Even if you are standing on a crowded road with several people talking around you, you be able to answer your calls with 100% clarity.

  • It is obviously better to have a wireless headset that provides the user with an impressive battery talk time. If you are seeking a wireless headset that does not need to be recharged after very short spans, the Pro 920 would suit you. When this headset is 100% charged; you would be able to use it at a stretch for 8 hours. This simply means that while being at work, you would not have to think about the headset running out of power. Even when it comes to recharging, the headset can be recharged in a short span.  The headset can be fully charged in a maximum time span of 3 hours. The headset also offers an attractive option when it comes to the standby time. The Pro 920 has an impressive standby time of 36 hours.

  • Searching for controls when there is an incoming call can put the user in an inconvenient position. This usually happens when the controls of the headset cannot be reached conveniently and the user has to search for them for every call. In case of the Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless, the buttons for answering calls, muting the headset as well as adjusting the volume are given on the headset so that the user does not have to search for them.

  • This headset is highly suitable if it has to be used for providing training to a team to multiple members or having a conference call. This headset can be connected to a maximum of 4 other headsets. With the help of this quality feature, you can have a conference call at work in an easy manner.

  • How can you determine in a timely manner that your headset is running out of battery and needs to be recharged? For most headsets, users have to check the battery status manually before the talk time of the headset is about to end. However, the Jabra Pro 920 makes things much easier for you. This headset comes with a battery meter with the help of which you can determine whether the headset needs to be recharged or not. During busy schedules at work, users do not have the time to check whether their headset needs recharging or not. As the Jabra Pro 920 has a battery meter, users are alarmed when the headset needs to be recharged and they do not have to go through a repeated checking process.


Jabra Pro 9450 Mono Midi-Boom Wireless Headset

If you are seeking compatible headsets for Nortel Phones, the Jabra Pro 9450 Midi Boom is one option that you should not ignore. This is a highly impressive headset by Jabra with attractive features and a very economical price.

  • The battery talk time offered by this headset makes it one of the most preferred compatible headsets for Nortel Phones.  Once you have charged it fully, the headset can be used continuously for an incredible time span of 11 hours. This simply means that you can use this headset for a longer time span than a full working day. Along with that, if you are not using the headset, it goes into standby mode for a maximum span of 46 hours.

  • This headset simply redefines wireless connectivity. The standard of wireless connectivity offered by this headset is quite good and you can forget about calls dropping or voices breaking. Along with that, you can walk a maximum distance of 450 feet away from the phone or tablet to which this headset is connected. For instance, if your phone is in your office, you can even go to the parking area while being on call. This headset completely eliminates the hassle of holding on to a mobile phone for long spans of time and getting neck aches. With this Jabra headset, you can easily carry on with your calls while being mobile.

  • Users who are using this amazing Jabra headset can simply bid farewell to background sounds. As this headset has a noise cancellation option, background sounds are blocked completely. Whether you are in the marketplace surrounded by a lot of people or walking through a busy street, you can take all your important calls in a convenient way. Irrespective of how loud the sounds in your background are, they would be completely blocked.

  • The user has the option to choose between two wearing styles to carry this headset; he can either wear it in the head with the help of a band or on the ear with the help of the hook. As a user, you can choose between these two wearing styles according to your preferences.

  • It is hard to continue with a headset if it is not comfortable to wear. Users of Jabra Pro 9450 do not face any problem when it comes to comfort. This headset is highly comfortable and users can wear it for the entire day without any issues. In addition to that, it does not have a lot of weight so users do not have to go through any neck problems or backaches. It is recommended for a lot of professions including customer support, stock trading, insurance, online training and remote software development.


Some headsets are light weighted but they do not have a proper grip as well. If the user is on the move, these headsets come off and cause a lot of disturbance. Even during calls, users get apprehensive about the grip of the headset. Users do not need to have any apprehensions if they are using this impressive Jabra headset. Whether you use the headband or the ear hook to wear the headset, it would not come off.

Buying a good dependable headset is a decision that requires you to consider various parameters.  For instance, if you are buying a headset a Nortel phone, you cannot opt for a headset that is not compatible. Other than that, you should make sure that you are purchasing a branded headset. An unbranded headset may prove to be economical but they seriously disappoint in terms of quality. Jabra is a well-known brand and believes in producing the best hearing devices for the customers. Along with that, if you have any query, you can get in touch with the support department of the company.