Top 5 Benefits HIKVision Security Systems Can Provide Your Business Premises

Security for business buildings including financial offices, banking institutions, accounts departments or any other business based premises is of great importance for owners and managers simply because of the critical nature of operational activities and data stored at different locations. Research has proven that when there are eyes watching in a premises, they are much less likely to be broken into with the intent of harming any of the property or assets and security camera setups provide enough eyes that are not only always looking but also recording and storing all the feed and footage for later use as well if required.

HIKVision is one of the leading security systems provider in the world and with biggest research and development in the industry, the company is able to provide many tailored solutions that suit different business requirements perfectly. From night vision cameras to indoor high definition camera setups and encoders or decoders to video intercoms, HIKVision provides it all. Here are some of the top benefits you will be able to grab having made your decision to go with HIKVision for your special security camera setups:

1: Enhanced Outdoor and Indoor Security

Different businesses have different functional priorities involving their own types of operations that might be limited to and indoor facility or can also extend to the outdoors depending on their business types. For banking and financial institutions, indoors camera setups including some parking or entrance and exit points’ coverage might just be enough but for industrial organizations that have large sized outdoor manufacturing areas, outdoor security camera setups are more than essential.

The HIKVision special HD recording Network camera setups are perfect for the indoors scenarios whereas the outstanding night vision or even thermal cameras suit the needs for outdoor setups perfectly covering all day and night times efficiently with their always watching eyes that don’t miss much at all. The HIKVisionDS-2TD2136-10/15/25/35 is a perfect solution for those thermal video monitoring especially designed for industrial setups where the infrared heat video capture is the most admired feature. If you want the outdoors special thermal and regular video recording capabilities, the HIKVision DS-2TD4035D-25/50 Thermal + Optical Bi-Spectrum Network Outdoor Speed Dome will suit your needs best capturing everything in any kind of light situations.

2: Top Picture and Footage Quality

The other thing HIKVision has mastered is to record very high quality video footage that distinguishes between faces, objects and dark or light colors perfectly courtesy of high quality hardware and top of the line software processing technologies. Their special DS-2AE5230T-A3 TurboHD 1080P Analog PTZ Dome Camera is one of the fastest speed live action recording and highest pixel quality option with a 720P variant available as well. Some of the great features found in many offerings from the technology brand are:

•    3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) – Is a feature that removes most of the noise found in low light footage making it possible to distinguish between faces or objects and point out any culprits in an unfortunate situation.

•    Advanced Edge Analytics – Makes it possible for your business premises to be defined virtually and in case anyone or anything crosses those virtually marked lines, an alarm could be sounded or responsible people can be notified.

•    Smart IR – Specializes in making faces distinguishable even when they get too close. This makes people recognizable when trying to temper with the camera hardware at night times.

•    WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) – Helps darken the dark areas while exposed to nearby bright sources of light making it possible for objects and persons to be recognizable. In over exposure situations, this feature is most useful.

3: Many Different Options Available

Whether you want the popular Network Cameras, the industrial buildings special Thermal Cameras, the trendy Network PTZ Cameras, the high quality TurboHD Analog Cameras or the every so famous Digital Video Recorder setup, HIKVision has got you covered. They also offer high quality footage encoders and decoders to keep your footage from falling into the wrong hands and their special video intercom setup allows users to do much while sitting in their control rooms comfortably.

The Machine Vision Video Management Software offering by the company is second to none and you can also get the Under Vehicle Surveillance for your special parking area needs if you are into a critical business as well. The company offers you a whole 360 degree solution including footage storage, many different accessories, keyboards or monitors without there being a need for you to look elsewhere.

4: Live Integrated Footage Available On Many Devices

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) has traditionally been known to show live footage and record it only to the control rooms where their controlling systems are placed, but like many other top security camera companies in the world, HIKVision has innovated with their own take on live footage streaming on different devices enabling you to see the live action even when you are not on the premises.

This has opened the doors for many business owners to install security cameras in their business buildings and not having to worry about a dedicated person monitoring the monitors all the time because this can just be done on everyday use devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops as well. The intelligent software provided with many of the company’s security camera setups allows you to do much more and interact with your live footage as well changing between different cameras or rewinding or pausing live video footage as well when you choose the right setup for your buildings.

5: Durable and Non-Temper Able Camera Systems Installations

How often there is news of security camera being tampered with during a burglary or any other similar unfortunate events, this is because most of these security cameras are not strong enough and can be broken or removed easily. HIKVision technologies offer some of their ultra-strong cameras that are not only made from very durable and damage resistant materials but their installation setups place them at locations inaccessible for anyone without the proper apparatus on-site. The beauty of all this is, even when placing the cameras high or beyond reach, you will still get high quality workable video footage courtesy of high definition hardware and software combinations.

Other options from the company include very durable installation setups that have handles or wall stands to guarantee lasting and durable installations for your security cameras and also ensuring 24/7 coverage without there being a chance of any tempering done with them. This not only provides peace of mind to business owners but also makes sure that they will not have to keep spending on the security camera setups boosted by the long lasting durability of their products.