Top 4 High Quality Affordable Office Wireless Headsets of 2018

Headsets are of great significance for many types of businesses and offices. Call centers, banking and financial institutions, insurance cover industry and many other business types that involve extensive calling for whatever purposes use different kinds of headsets for their daily operations providing functionality and ease of use at the same time. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to wireless headsets setups in 2018 with different options offering their own unique set of advantages over all the others.

Budget and affordability for a lot of businesses and offices are a different story altogether, especially when you want commercial and bulk quantity headsets, almost always the first preference is to go for something that will not cost too much. This is where you have to be a bit more careful when selecting the best wireless headsets for your requirements because when looking for affordable options, you will have to cut down on features and possibly materials to some extent as well. Having said this, there are plenty of affordable headset options that yet provide most of the features you need, here are some of them:

Plantronics CS540 Convertible Headsets

If you are looking for something truly advanced, versatile and affordable, the Plantronics CS540 should be on the top of your list. The new streamlined base has improved performance while the whole package contains everything you need from an ear-loop, ear-tip, pre-installed battery, a headband, power supply, fit kit with other size ear-tips and ear-loops and a telephone interface cable.

Coming in under the $200 mark, these perfect lightweight offerings from Plantronics can be used as required including an on-ear style lightweight and long usage supportive setting, an over the head style one ear setting for comfortable office usage and a modified round the back of the neck setting as well. The CS540 has a high quality noise-cancelation microphone and a boosted wireless range for increased mobility as well. The one touch office suitable controls with efficient power usage makes these last long and perform great in any kind of office usage like call centers or insurance cover help centers.



Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset

The Jabra Pro 920 is another of the modern convertible headsets offering two wearing styles, the over the head band attachment and the Jabra Pro 920 Ear Hook. Either of the two setting can be snapped into place easily and the headset comes with additional car cushions, spare wireless headset charger, Jabra Pro 920 earpiece, AC/DC wall adapter and extra ear cushions.

If you are looking for entry level professional, these Jabra offerings are a great option for only $190 and when you buy in bulk from quality dealers, you might find attractive offers for these as well. From lightweight durable materials to efficient noise cancellation microphones, these have everything a professional in an office environment can require while also freeing up the second ear as well for surrounding vigilance. What’s more, the headsets also offer high level encryption between the headset and the base securing you calls at the same time.


ATT TL7810 Versatile Wireless Headsets

With a maximum wireless of range of 500 feet, the ATT TL7810 headsets at their price ($179) are some of the most mobility friendly in the market. The advanced noise-cancellation microphones on these ATT offerings can cut out all or most of the background noise even when you are walking swiftly around the office. Offering an on-ear style usage, these lightweight headsets can connect to three devices (office phone, desktop with a USB and home phone) providing easy switch between the devices with only a press button.

The 12 hours of talk time with these durable headsets, three optional different wearing style setups, easy voice prompt setup, one-touch volume controls and remote call perfect for a fast-paced office setup make this ATT branded headset option one of the most suitable for many different office settings. Yet all these are not the most attention-grabbing features of these advanced headset options. That honor goes to their ability to be used as a wireless headset for a cordless phone or any other home analog office phone setup as well. Not even the best offerings from Jabra or Plantronics offer this feature.

Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headsets

If the CS540 was something you admired, their close sibling the CS530 with only the on-ear wearing style will offer all the same features barring the other two wearing styles. These are made from very lightweight yet strong materials that make these perfect for long periods of usage without causing much ear fatigue at all. These come packaged with a streamlined base, spare ear tips, a power supply and a telephone interface cable, providing everything you need to set these up perfectly.


The one-touch call answer and volume up or down buttons, up to 350 feet of range and sturdy on-ear frame, makes these some of the most mobility friendly headsets in the market. Available for about $220, these are a perfect fit for any office environment bringing quality features with long lasting durability at the same time.