Tips for Purchasing the Right Headsets for Your Specific Usage Habits

Headsets are some of the most important accessories for PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets not only for a lot of people’s personal use, but even more so for commercial business use in the growing world of digital internet calling. Businesses like call centers may be the most interested in quality headsets as their nature of business requires their employees to be connected with the clients through their headsets and internet calling applications. In fact, most other businesses with their sales, marketing and maintenance departments providing a better experience for their products or services, also require quality headsets to help make calling easier.

However, different businesses, people and users in general prefer and require different headsets with different configurations that suit their specific usage types and encourages them to use their headsets more often. There are many possible solutions in the modern day with innovators and creators offering a whole host of different models and styles of headsets that provide their own unique set of advantages like some are lighter than other for extended usage, whereas, some offer better calling and listening experience and then there are others that either go over the ear, over the head or round the back of the neck. Hybrid convertible ones bridge many gaps for many people offering all kinds of required use-abilities. Here are some tips to make your mind up when selecting the right headsets for your requirements:


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Costs – For Personal or Business Usage

For the sound heads requiring headsets for personal use, costs might not be a big problem as their interest in high-quality headsets might overweigh the budget concerns, however, if you are purchasing a large number of headsets for your business or commercial use, the pricing and cost concerns can be a bit more obvious.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find quality headsets at affordable prices, some great options like a wide range from the Plantronics Wireless and Corded Headsets, Jabra Wireless and Corded Headsets, Sennheiser Wireless and Corded headsets, the Gai-Tronics exclusive range of headsets or the Yealink Corded or Wireless headsets are available at great deals offering great value for money.

Pro-Tip: Quite often you can find a generation old headsets for much better deals than new ones. Last year’s headsets can still offer you everything you need as long as you read the specifications carefully.

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Corded or Wireless Types

Having settled on the price and budget you have available for your headsets, the next distinguishing factor you should focus on is their functionality types. Corded headsets might work well enough for the occasional personal use but for commercial work use, wireless headsets might be the best option because of their ability to provide tangle and “cable worry” free headsets. Imagine being at work with your headsets on for most part of the day and having to watch everything close to you while not letting anything tangle in your headset cables, quite a worry right.

If you agree with us to the slightest bit, for work usage, the cordless range of headsets from many different manufacturers like Plantronics, Jabra, Walker, Sennheiser, Gai-Tronics and Yealink will provide you the best fit. They have no cables at all and connect with your laptop, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth giving you one less thing to worry about in your everyday work routines.

Choices in Different Orientations or Styles

Gone are the days when you only had one type of over the head and big, bulky and heavy headsets available with the only other option being the in-ear small ones that offered not great sound quality at all. Now the choices in the orientations and styles of headsets presented to you for a much better usage experience are much wider. Plantronics, Jabra, Walker, Sennheiser, Gai-Tronics or Yealink have their versions of over-the-ear, round the back-of-the-neck or over-the-head types of headsets that provide their own custom usability features.

Some even more modern types of headsets from all of the mentioned manufacturers provide hybrid types as well with which you can use them as you prefer and change them to all the other styles right when you want. These usually have clip on back-of-the-neck or over-the-head type’s accessories that perform just as well as you’d expect them to. The great benefit with these hybrid options is that they are the most lightweight ranging from 20 to 30 grams with over the ear modules making it so much better for extended uses and you can add other modules to use them as preferred whenever required as well.

The Noise Management Factor

Workplaces especially call centers and sales offices can be noisy with a large number of people doing their bit of talking all the time. For those instances, noise management can be the most significant factor with all else falling behind. You’d clearly want to hear your listeners better and make them listen to you more clearly as well, this is where top brands such as Sennheiser, Plantronics, Jabra or Gai-Tronics offer their special noise cancellation headsets.

The two different types in the noise cancellation matter are the Monaural and Binaural headsets. The monaural ones provide you good enough voice from your callers with the awareness of your office surroundings as well while the binaural ones cut out all the background noise completely. If you work in or own a noisy office crowded with many people, the binaural headsets will offer you maximum benefit.

The Modern Connection and Disconnection Feature

For offices where you might have to take one call with one system at one location and the next at a completely different location, floor or room on a different system, the quick disconnect feature is in great demand. This feature allows you to put your prior caller on hold while take the call from a new caller on a different system altogether.


The efficiency of this feature is great in joint offices where more than one departments or even sub-brands might be operating and the main operator needs to transfer a lot of calls to different people within the building.

There are many different types of quality headsets, you must choose the specific ones most suitable to your requirements. Selecting your perfect headsets requires a bit of research and you should always be ready to give it the required time and effort as it can be one of the most important business decisions you can make for your office.