The Unmatched Versatility of Plantronics C325.1 3.5MM Jack and USB Headsets

Headsets, for a lot of people having unique different usage requirements, are some of the most used products. People from the business industry into selling products from their call centers or other offices, maintenance or after-sales services call staff, regular business user for calling and multimedia experience or just common folks wanting to enjoy great sound and utilize their headsets for calling purposes as well, are always looking for versatile options that can do much more than a traditional pair of headsets ever could.

The Plantronics C325.1 Corded headsets are one of the best fit for almost every scenario with great work based usage offering multiple connectivity options suitable for many devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. Here are a few great features of these high-end offerings from Plantronics that make them one of the most versatile headset options in the market:

Versatile Noise Cancellation

The Plantronics C325.1 corded headsets come with some of the most advanced noise cancellation microphones that are also rotatable fitting on either ear you prefer providing just the clearest voices for your listeners at all time. You can wear the noise cancellation microphone on either ear side and use it with the peace of mind that you will get clear audio from your callers as well making conversations much better and distortion free.

Comfortable Long Periods Usage

The Plantronics C325.1 corded headsets are made from very durable yet lightweight and compact materials that don’t add much weight over your ears and are some of the most elegant looking at the same time. The leatherette ear cushions are particularly soft and comfortable to wear as well enhancing long periods of usage while not causing any ear fatigue at all. These features make these headsets some of the most suitable for call centers and business offices where people have to keep wearing them for much longer times.

Both Ear High Quality Sound Experience

Plantronics has become a much reliable technology brand specializing in professional grade outstanding sound quality headsets. The C325.1 headsets are one of their better offerings when it comes to sheer sound quality with the both on-ear style over the head options. The highs and lows with these are very punchy and full providing you sound quality that is comparable with headsets that cost more than twice as much. Professionals seeking out those occasional sound tracks or sound heads looking for great headset options can benefit from these all the same getting high grade music and multimedia experience along with outstanding calling capabilities for all kinds of soft and hard phone usage.

Functional In-Line Volume Controls

The Plantronics C325.1 headsets have a 3.5 MM jack that plugs into a volume control button that has a USB cord plugging into a PC or a laptop for soft calling purposes. When used in this orientation, these have very efficient in-line built volume controls that also allow call mute feature and are some of the most durable in the market. The materials along with cords used for both ends are extra high quality providing that luxury look and feel and lasting the longest time without getting damaged or having any kinds of faults at all.

Plug and Play Versatile Usage

As mentioned above, the dual connectivity including the 3.5 MM headphone jack and the USB cable that extends from the volume control button, allow these to be connected with any PC or laptop through the USB port that is plug and play for all Mac, Windows PCs or any other personal computers hardware and software options. Pull the 3.5 MM jack and your Plantronics 325.1 corded headsets can be conveniently attached in the headphone ports of most modern smartphones that still have a headphone port built in them. Tablets, Android Phones and supportive Apple iPhones are all compatible not requiring any external software or apps at all providing easy to use versatile operations along with great music and sound clarity for all their users.