The Most Critical Locations at Your Business Premises to Install Security Cameras At

Security is always a big concern for businesses around the world and with all the modern breaking in techniques, it has become much more significant. However, modern innovations towards enhancing security for various buildings have generated many technology breakthroughs that have provided business or building owners with the opportunity to strengthen their security using the always aware security camera setups.





Whether you go with traditional fixed CCTV cameras or the modern IP cameras that let you stream live footage on many different devices (more than one at one time as well) and also record high definition video making everything clear even in low light night situations. Security camera brands like HIKVision, Lorex, AIPhone, Panasonic Security Surveillance, RCI, Uniden Security or Viking Electronics Security have all come up with great solutions that provide enhanced control over your building’s security making sure nothing gets missed at any time at all. However, there are some critical points or locations in every building that must be made secure and here are some most significant ones:

Entrances and Exits

Entrances and exits are some of the most critical areas in any buildings. Whether you have retail store, an office building, a medical or educational institute or any other business building where the threat of breaking in is always there, entrances and exits need to be made secure on the highest priority.

The HIKVisionDS-2CD4025FWD-(A)(P) or the newly launched LorexLBV2723B-2PK are great options for entrances and exits providing great high-quality HD video recording along with night vision and clear lossless zoom capabilities. These have many unique software and hardware functions built in them as well including the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Smart IR, 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) and Advanced Edge Detection that provides them the ability to record high-quality video footage.

Hallways and Passages

Having secured your entrances and exits, the next most important areas in your buildings are the hallways and passages. Keeping in mind their lengths and the time it takes for anyone to cross them, their opposite end provides a great opportunity to capture all the action that might be happening.

The HIKVisionDS-2CD4126FWD-IZ and other similar offerings not only provide super HD video recording but are also great options for ultra-low light situations with their big aperture camera lenses. Other great options from AIPhone security products, Panasonic, Uniden and RCI work great as well and with their wide angle clear footage capture can make your hallways and passages much more secure.

Fire Exits or Delivery Doors

Just like entrances or exits, the fire exits and delivery doors are some of the main entrances into buildings of all kinds and especially retail stores or shopping malls. The entrances and exits specialized cameras work great in these scenarios as well and by putting up camera signs across your delivery bay or fire exits, you can warn people that the eye of the camera is always watching them and hence changing their minds to break in or to do anything stupid at all.

Accounts or Finance Offices

Pansonic Indoor IP Camera

Accounts or finance offices are some of the most critical portions of any business buildings, this is where all the cash or finances are kept and must be made extra secure. Apart from strengthening their physical security, you also need to make sure that there are camera eyes always watching these areas and recording everything or everyone coming and going in and out of these.

The HIKVisioniDS-2CD6810F/C has intelligent software that not only captures HD video but also counts the number of people currently in the accounts or finance rooms and also keeps track of how many people came in and went out, it also has all the other goodies like 3D DNR, WDR, and a smart codec or high bandwidth. The audio enabled dome style LEV2750AB-2PK can capture all the conversations and other sounds in your finance and accounts departments as well eliminating risk a great deal.


Helpdesks or Receptions

Helpdesks or receptions are some of the first contact visitors get in your buildings and you will be surprised to know the percentage of unwanted situations and confrontations that happen in these locations for most business buildings. The indoors cameras like the ones mentioned for accounts offices should work great at these locations as well capturing audio and also counting the number of people coming in and going out.

Other great options from RCI, Uniden and Panasonic are also available that offer similar functionality but you must make sure to install these at not easily accessible locations to avoid tempering and shifting of the angle by anyone. In fact, this rule should apply to all security cameras during their installations and you must take certain steps to ensure they are not tempered with or turned away from the critical points in your buildings.