The Headphone Generation

For everyone, music is much more than simply passing time. A lot of people would give up various important things to listen to music. If such people are called music freaks, the statement would not be considered wrong.  On an overall scale, 20 percent of us would even drop our favorite meals to listen to music. About 66 percent of people (every 2 out of 3) feel lethargic when they have to work without listening to music. Some professionals continuously wear headsets and listen to music to enhance their performance. For instance, software professionals who are involved in continuous stressful mental work listen to music so that their concentration level is enhanced and they are able to work long hours without getting tired. Similarly, graphic designers who need to work long hours and portray creativity regularly listen to music during their working hours.

Millennials and The Purposes They Use Headphones For

Millennials are people who are between the ages of 18 and 34. They use headphones for various other purposes apart from listening to music. One of these purposes is to communicate through applications like Skype, MSN, and OOVOO. Millennials use these applications for personal and professional purposes.

For millennials, simply owning one headphone to listen to music it is not always the case. According to researchers, approximately 54% of people from 18 to 34 own 3 or more headphones. In addition to that, these headphones may be of different types. Millennials look for the maximum convenience when it comes to gadgets and devices. They prefer the hi-tech wireless headphones over the conventional corded ones.  For them, compatible Bluetooth headphones are easier to handle than the standard wired ones.

All millennials do not prefer the same type of headsets. For instance, 87% of these use small sized earbuds instead of the regular large-sized headphones. Similarly, 44% of people from 18 to 34 years have on the year headsets while 55% have over the ear ones.

Duration of Wearing Headphones

It is a fact that every individual may have different preferences when it comes to listening to music. When you talk about millennials as a whole, they wear headphones for 4 hours on daily basis. Thus, surviving an entire day without wearing them would simply seem abnormal. Similarly, people of this age group cannot survive without listening to music with ease. For some people of age 18 to 34, staying hungry is easier than not listening to music.  People who are likely to give up their meal for music listen to it for an average of 3 hours.

The Priority of Music

There is no doubt that the importance of music in the life of millennials is way above normal. For them, talking to people and interacting with other humans is not as important as hearing the voice of their favorite singers. According to 64% of these people, it is easier to survive a day without talking to people as compared to 24 hours without listening to music. This clearly shows the dominance of music in the life of this generation.

The Effect of Music on Workouts

There is no doubt that music plays the pivotal role in determining the interest that people have in their workouts. In case of millennials, 40% people would not like to have a workout session if they are unable to listen to music. In other words, the availability or non-availability decide their preferences related to working out. Similarly, a higher percentage of people in this category would reduce the span of workout sessions if they are unable to listen to music. 66% percent of millennials reduce the workout session duration if they exercise without music. 85% percent of people from 18 to 34 years may have their workout sessions but not with the same level of interest. Thus, one can say that the absence of music simply hampers the workout performance of these individuals.

The Effect of Music on Daily Routine of Millennials

There is no doubt that music affects the daily routine of millennials in different ways. People between the ages of 18 and 34 listen to music when they are involved in different activities of life. About 73% of these people wear headphones because they do not want to interact with other people. Wearing headphones is a sign that a person does not wish to be disturbed or become a part of a conversation. Most educational institutions do not allow students to wear headphones. Similarly, some workplaces do not permit the use of headphones during work hours. Even then 48% of millennials wear headphones when they are studying at school or performing their professional duties at their respective workplaces.

There is no doubt that some millennials simply do not start their day without listening to music. According to them, they do not feel active without listening to their favorite songs. Whether they study at schools or work as professionals, music is mandatory to get them pumped up. 81% of millennials need music as a trigger to start their day.

There is no doubt that traveling can prove to be one of the most boring activities and people like to do something during this time span so that they do not get bored.  According to statistics, 89% of millennials listen to music on the daily basis when they go through their traveling routine.

It can be easily said that music carries immense importance for people who are between the ages of 18 to 34. Instead of a mere hobby that can be replaced by anything else, it is a mandatory component without which they find it hard to continue their day to day tasks.