Simple Guide: Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Pairing

While purchasing a wireless headset, there is one angle which most users ignore and that is pairing. Even if you have the cheapest headset but you are unable to pair it with your smartphone or tablet, it is of no use. You may come across a lot of wireless Bluetooth headsets that pair with only restricted models or smartphones or tablets. If you do not have any of those models, the headset is of no use to you. As a user, you should only but headsets from a company that does not have any pairing problems.

Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing is much better than other headset brands.

It is always good to have a simple pairing process so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on connecting the headset to the related device. When you talk about Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing, you would figure out that the process is much simpler than most other brands. Along with that, when you are pairing a Plantronics headset with a smartphone or tablet, you do not come across problems that are faced with other brands.

Here are some common pairing problems that you do not face when you are using a Plantronics wireless Bluetooth headset.

1.  Compatibility Problems

A headset would only pair with a device if it is compatible with it. As compared to the other headset brands, Plantronics headsets are compatible with a larger number of smartphones, tablets, and other related devices. As a user, if you are buying a Plantronics wireless headset, you do not need to be apprehensive about whether the headset would work with the related device or not.  Thus, if you are looking for a headset that works with a large number of devices, you should consider buying Plantronics headsets.

2.  Lengthy procedure to pair the device

Plantronics Bluetooth headset set pairing does not require you to go through a lengthy process if you want to connect the headset to a smartphone or tablet. Other headset brands create various difficulties for the user. For instance, if you switch on the Bluetooth options of the phone and headset, you would still be unable to detect the hearing device. This does not happen when you are using a Plantronics headset.

3.  Headsets run out of power quickly

Some headsets do not have a good talk time and the battery consumes at a faster pace when Bluetooth connectivity is enabled. This is not the issue when you are using a Plantronics wireless headset.  Most wireless headsets by the company have a good standby time and they do not need to be recharged time and again. In addition to that, you would be able to pair the headset with a smartphone, tablet or any other device without worrying about any power issues.

4.  Loss of connectivity repeatedly

While using some wireless headsets, users fail to get constant connectivity. For instance, when the headset is paired with the smartphone or tablet, it would only remain paired for a small time span after which the devices would be unpaired. In case of Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing, you would not face this issue.

  • Once a Plantronics headset is paired with a device, it does not get unpaired in a short span of time. As a result, the user does not have to locate the device again and perform the pairing process. This helps users in saving time that is spent on pairing the headset with the device repeatedly.

  • If a headset paired with a smartphone and it suddenly gets unpaired, all kinds of communication suddenly come to a stop. For instance, if you are headset is paired with a smartphone and you are on a call, the call would immediately get dropped if the Bluetooth option is disabled and the call gets dropped. Similarly, if you are streaming an audio file on your mobile phone from a paired headset, the streaming would suddenly stop if the headset gets unpaired. These issues are not faced if the user is facing a Plantronics headset. Once the headset is paired with the related device, it does not get unpaired in any manner.

  • Plantronics headsets do not require a lot of time to be paired with the related device. With other headsets, this can prove to be a problem. Other hearing devices have various connectivity problems and they consume long hours to pair with devices. This can prove to be a problem for the user.

  • When you talk about the standard of Bluetooth connectivity offered by different headset brands, you would witness that a lot of brands do not offer a dependable standard of connectivity. However, when it comes to Plantronics headsets, the level of Bluetooth connectivity offered is quite good. Once it is paired with a compatible device, you would not witness any drop in connectivity or lack of signals.

  • Most headsets do not have a good range of Bluetooth connectivity but that is not the case with Plantronics. In addition to that, the call quality drops when the user moves away from the device with which the headset is paired. Customers do not face any of these problems in case of Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing.

  • Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have a good range so that users can make or receive calls even when they are far away from the paid device. Some of the headsets even have a range of 350 feet so that users can communicate in a relaxed manner. As a user, you can move in this range and talk without any connectivity problems. Unlike other headset brands, the call quality does not drop when the user is not placed close to the connected device.

  • Selecting the wrong Bluetooth wireless headset can create a lot of problems. One of the issues is that the headset would have to be restarted repeatedly due to it being unpaired on constant basis Users do not even have to think about facing these problems when they are using Plantronics headsets. Once the headset is paired with a compatible device, you do not have to go through any cumbersome process including restarting the device.

Steps used for Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing for the first time

Unlike the complicated Bluetooth pairing processes that various headset brands have, Plantronics has a much simpler process. This pairing procedure comprises a short time span so that users do not have to wait for long to communicate wirelessly.

Here are the key steps that need to be followed if you are pairing a Plantronics headset with a device for the first time.

  • If your headset is off, out it on and wear it.

  • First of all, you need to check the Bluetooth connectivity status of the device with which the headset has to be paired. For example, if you plan to pair the headset with a smartphone, check whether the Bluetooth connectivity is on or not. Once the connectivity is on, you need to search for new devices. This step is performed when you are pairing the headset with a particular device for the first time.

  • In the third step, you would be required to select an option called “PLT_Legend”. Once you are done with this step, you would be required to enter a passcode. The requirement of passcode varies from one phone to the other. For instance, your smartphone may not require you to produce a passcode. If this code is required, you need to enter 4 zeroes (0000) to proceed. On the other hand, if your smartphone does not have a passcode requirement, you would be asked to accept a connection. Simply accept the connection after which you would be directed to the last stage of pairing.

  • In the last step, the user gets to know through an audio alter that the pairing has been successful.

The process of repairing a Plantronics headset

When the user is repairing the Plantronics headset to a device, the process is slightly different than the one used to pair the headset for the first time. However, this process is quite simple as well and the user does not have to spend long hours on the pairing procedure.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for this purpose.

  • If your headset is off, turn it on and then wear it.

  • The next step requires you to press the voice button given on the headset. Simply press the button and give the “pair” voice command. However, you need to hold the call button until you get the “pairing” audio message.

  • The third step involves you to search for the device. For this purpose, check the Bluetooth connectivity status on your smartphone. If it is off, you need to turn in on. After that search for new devices.

  • In the fourth step, you would be asked to select an option called “PLT_Legend”. After that, you may be required to submit a passcode depending on the requirement of your smartphone. If your smartphone does not have the requirement of a passcode, you would be asked to provide acceptance for the connection. Once you have accepted the connection, you would be directed to the final stage of the pairing process.

  • The final step simply comprises of a confirmation related to the pairing process. When the pairing process would be completed, you would get a confirmation with the help of a “pairing successful” audio message.

Why are Plantronics wireless headsets better in terms of pairing?

There are various reasons due to which users prefer Plantronics over other companies selling hearing devices. One of the reasons is that these headsets have a hassle-free pairing process.

Here are few key pairing advantages that are only offered by Plantronics headsets.

  • Forget about waiting for hours to search for your headset and pair it. As soon as your headset is on and the Bluetooth option of your smartphone is activated, your headset would be detected within a short time span after you search for new devices. Once your headset is detected, it would be paired with the smartphone in a quick way by following few simple steps.

  • Plantronics headsets do not be paired again and again with the same device. This problem is faced when you are using headsets by other companies and they get unpaired without any reason. In this way, users have to go through the entire pairing process without any reason. This problem hampers communication in a major way. If you are using a Plantronics headset, once it is paired, you do not have to repair it with the same device.

  • Plantronics Bluetooth headset pairing provides smooth communication audio streaming and data transfer options. These devices do not stop an ongoing call, audio streaming processor data transfer due to low-quality connectivity. However, you would not get this privilege if you are using headsets from other companies.

  • If you are using a low standard headset, you would face communication problems even when your headset is paired with your smartphone. Plantronics headsets do not have the same problem. Once the headset is paired, you would not face any kind of distortion when you are on a call even when your headset is not placed near you. As a company, Plantronics provides the highest standard of pairing to its customers.

In an overall manner, it can be easily said that Plantronics is a better option in terms of Bluetooth pairing than other headset companies. One of the common problems that users face in case of pairing is compatibility. You may end up buying a headset which may not be compatible with the headset that you have.

On the other hand, you do not have to check this parameter when you are opting for a Plantronics headset as it is compatible with most smartphones having Bluetooth connectivity. The time required to pair a Plantronics headset with a smartphone is much lower than what other brands require. These headsets do not require long hours for pairing purposes.