Security Cameras VS Manned Security – Which One Do You Need?

Security is of non-compromise-able importance for businesses, institutions, buildings and even modern homes. Both security cameras and manned security in the form of guards and people looking for threats have been employed by owners and managers. This strengthens asset’s security keeping them safe and out of unwanted hands at all times. However, both of these have their own advantages and usage scenarios. These can be required either alone or in the combination of each other to provide peace of mind for the users.

Different buildings, businesses and institutions have unique security requirements and will need tailored solutions. For a financial intuition, you will require both security cameras and manned security installed correctly. An entrance of a business site or a financial institution can be sufficiently served with manned security. A cashier table handling all the cash can take enough security from a security camera setup. Both of these work as a deterrent and means to catch the culprits when required. Here are the two of these compared for which one suits your needs best:

Recorded Footage Available for Future Use

Manned security might work great but when your require proof of what happened on your premises, security cameras are the ultimate answer. Modern security camera setups offered by brands like HIKVision, RCI, LOREX or Panasonic Security provide high definition recording. This recording can be stored on or off site safeguarding the footage for later use. Potentially, there is no limitation on how much you can record or how old data can you save.

When you get right types of security camera setups for your locations that capture true high definition footage, no action will be missed at all. Options like High Dynamic Range, Auto Edge Detection, Motion Detection and Advanced Light Sensitivity should always be deployed where required. The recorded footage can be viewed live or later on to not only identify the culprits but also press charges against them.

Always Watching Eyes that Don’t Even Flinch

Manned security can be really brilliant but because of human involvement, will always miss some part of the action. Unless you get a really high number of security guards walking around your premises, you will always have to accept this universal fact. On the other hand, electronic cameras when installed correctly have no such limitation at all. These robotic eyes will always be pointing at the required area and keep watch no matter how the situation becomes.

If you require your entrances, hallways, doors, windows or any physical equipment to be kept under supervision, cameras provide the best option. You have to verify the fact that your premises are safe and no assets can be removed off them easily without passing through manned security, however. Same applies to data storage facilities. When looking for advanced security for your assets, a combination of cameras and manned security might be the best option.

Combining Both of them

As discussed above briefly, the true detail of this is understood better when you consider your circumstances. Cash, valuable items, equipment or data storage devices should always be kept under always looking eyes of security cameras. To make sure that all business runs smoothly, manned security at entrances and exits always works best as well.

This is how you can combine the two very efficiently. There can be other instances where you need security cameras and manned security at entrances and exits as well. The point to note here is that you should always process all your requirements efficiently and plan your security accordingly.

Covering Every Sensitive Area

Different buildings have different sensitive points in them. A large supermarket or a retail store will potentially want always looking eyes everywhere. A banking and financial institution will need to make sure all their entrances and exits are guarded by security guards and all the internal affairs are being watched by security cameras all the time.

Similarly, many other areas in other types of buildings and businesses will need eyes all the time. When you weigh in all the options, security camera setups come out on top for their sheer ability to cover all of the sensitive areas and angles. However, you should not disregard the importance of manned security as well and provide the best combination for your building or business depending on your requirements.

Which One Is for You?

Having discussed a few major points about both the security cameras and manned security, it is easy to see why both of these can provide distinct advantages for everyone. Only a business, building or institution can know then own true requirements but in today’s modern world full of assets and valuable items like data drives and expensive products, you would want to safeguard as much as possible.

Getting deterrents out both in the form of a security camera and also manned security personnel can be really significant in turning people with bad intentions away. Then you would want good measures in place so that if anything unfortunate does happen, you can redeem as much of it as possible. When looking at which one is perfect for you, most of the times you would find that an efficient combination of the two will work best.