Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

It is quite hard to find a headset company which is as good as Plantronics. The company is highly experienced and has been producing the finest standard headsets for a long time. It deals with all kinds of hearing devices including headsets for working professionals, gaming headsets, and aviation headsets. One of the finest hearing devices in the company is the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

This headset offers several incomparable benefits to the user including the following.

Impressive talk time for longer use

The talk time of the battery is an important parameter for selection of the headset. Most headset companies simply talk about offering the most attractive talk time options to the customer. Plantronics actually offers the best talk times to the customer and the Voyager Legend is a related example.

  • At a stretch, you can use this headset for a maximum time span of 7 hours. This proves to be helpful when you are using this hearing device for corporate purposes. With a standby time of 7 hours, you do not have to carry a charger with you every day. This helps you in hassle free communication as you do not have to worry about the headset turning off due to lack of power.

  • The Voyager Legend comes with a charging case which is a highly advantageous feature. With the charging case, the talk time of the headset increases by 14 hours. In this way, the Voyager Legend proves to be very advantageous for users who have tough schedules at work that involve long hours of communication.

  • The Voyager Legend is a suitable headset for people related to the insurance industry. These people need to talk for long hours with their customers on day to day basis. Thus, they prefer a headset with good talk time. This headset proves to be highly suitable for them as it provides a talk time of 7 hours after it has been charged 100%. Along with that, the charging case increases the standby time by 14 hours. The headset also has a standby time of 11 hours.

Convenient usage with the help of sensors

At times, it becomes hard for users to receive calls when the headset has a difficult set of controls.  If you are using the Voyager Legend wireless headset by Plantronics, you would not have to use controls in the first place.

  • The headset is equipped with a set of smart sensors. Once you put the device on, these sensors go into activation mode. In other words, when you are wearing the device and you get a call, you would be able to receive it without the use of any controls. With the help of this feature, you do not have to think about selecting any controls while receiving an important call.

  • Knowing about the status of the headset battery is important. If you are unaware of the battery running low and you continue using the headset, it would suddenly get off. This can cause a problem if you are in the middle of an important call. However, users who use the Voyager Legend do not have to go through this inconvenience. With the help of smart sensors, they can use the related voice command and check the status of the headset battery. In this way, they are able to charge the headset in a timely manner without it running out of power.

Complete protection against loud sounds and spikes

When you are communicating wirelessly, the sound frequency does not stay constant and it may increase at a rapid scale. This sudden change in sound frequency has negative effects on the human hearing. Thus, it is important to select a headset that provides protection against spikes and suddenly changing sound frequencies as well.

  • The Voyager Legend comes with Soundguard Technology that helps in preventing loud sounds. When there is a loud sound, its frequency would be reduced to the permitted safe audible range. In other words, users of this headset do not have to think about any hearing ability problems.

  • Customer support professionals come across sound spikes and sudden frequency changes in a lot of cases. These professionals usually receive calls from people all around the world. Thus, the sound frequency keeps fluctuating. If the headset which is being used does not have a dependable option to deal with spikes, a person can even get deaf. If you are using the Voyager Legend, you do not have to think about this problem.

Wireless connectivity with an attractive range

There is no point in purchasing a wireless headset that does not have a good range. The purpose of a wireless headset is to have the facility to communicate comfortably while moving about. If a wireless headset does not have a good range, the user would have to remain seated in a restricted position when he is taking a call.

  1. The Voyager Legend has a wireless range of 33 meters. This allows the user comfortably to move from one room to the other without worrying about the call quality suffering.

  2. For working professionals, having a wireless headset with a good range is essential. These professionals need to take calls while performing various other work-related tasks. For instance, a departmental head would be responsible for monitoring the tasks of his team members as well as take calls at the same time. In addition to that, he may not carry his smartphone everywhere. As the Voyager Legend has a good range, he would be able to take calls comfortably without going through the hassle of carrying the smartphone everywhere.

Remain updated about the status of your headset through voice alerts

With the Voyager Legend, you do not have to go through the trouble of checking the headset status. This is because the headset has a voice alert system with the help of which the user can know about the updated status of this device at all times.

  • Charging a headset in a timely manner is extremely important. If you are using a wireless headset at work and it suddenly runs out of power, your professional progress would suffer. With the Voyager Legend, the user does not have to go through any such problem as it provides the battery status through voice alerts. Thus, as soon as you get to know that your headset is low on battery, you can recharge it on the immediate basis.

  • As a user, you should be able to determine the talk time left at any time when you are using a wireless headset. It becomes quite hard to the user when the headset does not have a proper feature for this purpose.  However, if you are a Voyager Legend headset user, you can know about the talk time left through voice alerts. In this way, you can recharge the headset in a timely manner if it is running out of power.

Hassle free communication with the help of dependable noise cancellation options

It is hard to listen to someone on call when you are present in a noisy environment. For example, if you are attending to a call while standing in the middle of a marketplace, you would have to make extra effort to listen to the caller if your headset cannot block background sounds. A hearing device can only block environmental noises if it has a proper feature for noise cancellation.

  1. The Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth headset has a tailor-made solution for background noises. This headset has multiple microphones that block all kinds of loud sounds that are present around you. To concentrate properly on professional tasks, it is important to have this feature.

  2. For working employees, their professional tasks decide their career growth. Some corporate professionals work as contact center representatives and they are responsible for providing assistance to the customers. They work for an average span of 9 to 10 hours during which they get calls from numerous customers who address their queries.

    However, several representatives work in a contact center and each one of them is responsible for communicating with customers and handling their queries. Thus, the Voyager Legend headset proves to be suitable for these representatives so that they can concentrate on the communication with their customers without getting disturbed by the voice of other representatives.

  3. Even when you do not have people talking around you, you may get disturbed due to the sound of wind or a loud horn. The noise cancellation microphones of the Voyager Legend headset block all these sounds as well.

The battery meter shows the status of the battery in an easy way

It is easy to determine the status of the battery when the headset is paired with the computer. If you are using the Voyager Headset for softphone applications, you can check the status of the headset battery at any time by using the battery meter. This meter can be viewed in the icon tray.

Call Locking to prevent accidental dialing

Users do not wear their headsets on 24/7 basis. When the headset is not worn and placed somewhere, a call can be dialed if the dial button on the headset is pressed accidentally. This can surely cause a lot of inconvenience for the user. If you are using the Voyager Legend, you would not have to go through this inconvenience. Once you have placed the headset aside, the auto call locking feature is activated. In other words, no call would be dialed of the button is pressed accidentally. For business owners and corporate directors who place their headsets aside when they are not using it, this is a very helpful feature. Even if you are using the headset for personal use, the call locking feature would be beneficial for you.

State of the art audio quality

One of the many problems that low standard unbranded headsets have is the audio quality. Even you are making a call to a person who is standing on the next floor; you would face issues with the audio quality. With the Voyager Legend, you can get the best audio quality without any kind of inconvenience.  You can hear every incoming call with the highest level of clarity. A lot of headset companies selling devices online simply talk about providing headsets with amazing audio clarity. The Voyager Legend is a high standard Plantronics headset that offers this opportunity to its users.

Proper product warranty by Plantronics

The Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset has a proper company warranty that allows the customer to get back the company if they figure out any problem. Plantronics is always there to provide proper support to the customers so that they do not face any inconvenience. For warranty claims or any other information related to the headset, you can get in touch with the 24/7 support team of the company. Customers can connect with the Plantronics support team via email and live chat options as well.

Use key features with the help of voice commands

  • If you are using the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Wireless headset, you do not have to use any controls to accept or reject a call. If there is an incoming call, the name of the caller would be announced. This is when you can decide whether you want to accept the call or reject it. If you want to take the call, you can use the “answer” voice command and to reject the call, you can use the “ignore” voice command.

  • Voice commands are easier than normal controls when you are performing other tasks while entertaining a call. For example, consider that you have a call when you are involved in an important chat conversation with one of your clients. It is obvious that you cannot take your hands off the keyboard and locate the “call answer” button to take the call. If you are using the Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset, you can use a voice command to accept or reject the call without your chat conversation with the conversation getting hampered.