Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review

If you want to buy a headset which is durable, has an incredible standard of sound quality and is amazingly comfortable, you should look at the headset options by Plantronics. Plantronics is a highly rated company that produces diverse headsets to match different kinds of requirements. It has product options for contact center executives, insurance professionals, outbound call center professionals, online trainers, gamers and even music listeners. A user can figure out his requirements and pick a headset that matches them.

The Plantronics Blackwire headset is a quality wired headset which connects to a USB port. It is a durable device that can be worn for long spans without feeling any stress on the head or ears. Along with that, it protects the ears from sounds that are too loud and do not come in the safe range.

The Following factors provide a deep insight of the Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review.

Standard of Comfort

It is possible to wear a headset without getting irritated only if it is comfortable. For instance, you would not be able to wear a headset if it has a very thin padding on the speakers. The Blackwire C725 is a highly preferred headset because it is unbelievably comfortable. It has a soft comfortable padding on the speakers. This prevents all forms of ear irritation if the headset is worn for the entire day. You would not get any neck aches if you are wearing the device for long because the headset is not heavy. Even if you are wearing it for 24 hours on all 7 days of the week, you would not have any neck stiffness or muscular pain. This headset is highly used by customer support professionals as they have to go to through long tiring shifts every day.

Smart Sensor Technology for auto answering

When there is an incoming call on your smartphone, you need to press the relevant control on your headset to receive the call. With the Plantronics Blackwire C725, things prove to be easier. This headset has smart sensor technology. These sensors get activated as soon as the user puts the headset on. In this case, if there is an incoming call, you would be able to answer it without accessing any controls.

This option is helpful when you have to take a call while doing something important. For instance, consider that you are sending an urgent email and you get important at the same time. To answer the call using controls, you would have to stop typing and then reach for the “call answer: button. This would result in the slip of concentration. On the other hand, if you are using the Plantronics Blackwire 725, you would hear the voice of the caller without using any control. For people who have tight schedules and need to perform numerous tasks at work, this headset is highly recommended.

Proper ear protection with Sound Guard Technology

There is permitted the audible range of sound that the human ear can tolerate. The sound that is above that range is dangerous for the ear and can harm the hearing capability. The Plantronics Blackwire 725 is not termed as a high standard headset without a reason. It completely protects the ear against sounds that can prove to be damaging.  Users also experience sound spikes during calls which have negative effects on the ear. In an overall manner, the Blackwire 725 is a 100% safe headset in terms of ear protection. As this headset has a dependable ear protection mechanism, users do not need to think about loud sounds frequencies when they are taking a call. All loud sound frequencies are reduced to the audible range with the help of this feature.

Sound guard technology is needed particularly when you receive calls from different locations. For instance, if you are a contact center professional, customers would call you from different locations. This is when the sound frequency would fluctuate. This is one of the few headsets that protect the ear against spikes and high sound frequencies. If you are using a headset that does not provide protection against spikes, you can even lose your hearing ability if the frequency of the heard sound is too high. Sound guard technology is one of the positive aspects of the Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review.

Users should be sure that your selected headset has a dependable ear protection option so that their hearing ability does not get affected. If you opt for an unbranded headset, you may get it at a very low price but you cannot expect it to have a proper ear protection option. Plantronics works with a responsible approach and ensures that all its products are not harmful to the human ear. Opting for the Blackwire C725 simply means that you do not can rest assured about your ears not getting damaged while taking a call or listening to music. It is a quality headset that provides complete protection to the ears.

Quality Noise Cancellation Feature

It is important to work in a disturbance-free manner at work. While being at work, you can forget about the sound of people communicating in the background, a trainer providing training to a group of people or any sound. It is hard to work without hearing any sounds in the background. However, if you are using the Blackwire C725, it is very much possible. This headset blocks all the sounds present in the background of the user who is using this headset. For example, consider that you are a contact center professional and you are on an important call with one of the customers. In a contact center, several agents assist customers at the same time. In other words, several agents communicate through calls concurrently. By using the Blackwire 725, the sound of any other agent would not disturb you as the headset provides noise cancellation options to the user.

Due to the quality noise cancellation feature, this headset can be termed as highly suitable for work. Whether you are a contact center professional, remote software developer, training professional providing online training or a stock trading professional, it is important that you have a noise free environment to work with concentration. This is only possible if you have a headset that blocks all these sounds and prevents any kind of disturbance. If you are wearing this headset, the noise cancellation option would block the noises in your background and you would be able to work peacefully. Noise cancellation can be termed as an important point of the Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review.

At work, concentrating on official tasks is extremely important. If you are unable to concentrate on your official tasks, your performance would suffer. Usually, the concentration slips away when you get disturbed by sounds in the background. For instance, if you have people talking to each other around your workstation, you would not be able to concentrate on your tasks until these sounds are blocked. This is exactly where noise cancellation options prove to be very beneficial and important as well.

They filter out all the noise so that you do not get disturbed while being on an important official call or being involved in a communication with the customer. The Blackwire C725 is one of the quality wireless headsets that actually have a highly dependable noise cancellation feature. You will find numerous headsets online which promise to offer the best noise cancellation option but facts are completely different. Once you start using these headsets, you would figure out that none of the background sounds are being blocked. On the other hand, if you opt for the Blackwire C725, you would not face any issues.

Easy to reach inline controls

When a user finds it hard to get comfortable with the controls of the headset, he may miss an important call. At work, you get numerous calls and most of them are highly important. For instance, consider that you are working as a team leader and you need to have meeting sessions with your team members using a softphone application. If there is an incoming call and you are not familiar with the controls, you may miss the call. Usually, this happens when the headset has a hard to use set of controls. However, users who use the Blackwire C725 do not face any such issue.

The Blackwire C725 comes with conveniently placed inline controls. Thus, when there is an incoming call, you would reach the required control without any searching. This headset is used a lot by customer support professionals and it proves to be a very good choice for them. As these professionals need to attend numerous calls every day, they cannot afford to opt for a headset that has difficult to remember controls. This headset has easy to use inline controls and customer support professionals do not face any inconvenience in using it. If you have the Blackwire C725, you can forget about missing any important calls at work or home.  The Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review is positive when it comes to the ease of controls.

Get the volume status with audio alerts

The Blackwire 725 is not one of the headsets that require the user to check the volume time and again. This headset has an automated system for this purpose. You would get audio alerts related to the volume of the headset. If you have a tough schedule at work, this feature would be advantageous for you.

No one wants to be disturbed when he is on an important call but there should be a mode to convey that you are on a call. This headset has an indicator light which is on when the user is on a call. In this way, the user does not get disturbed when he is in the middle of an important conversation. For instance, if you are working as an outbound contact center executive and you are on an important call with a potential customer, your manager or colleague would not disturb you as the light would blink showing that you are on a call.

Stylish sleek looking appearance

You will not witness any Plantronics headset having a boring, bulky or outdated appearance. The company believes in including the needed style essence in all of its devices. The Blackwire C725 is a stylish looking slim headset that can do not exert weight on the head when worn. It is mainly black in color and has a sleek appearance.

Company warranty that is 100% authentic

If you opt to buy a headset that does not come with an authentic company warranty and a third party warranty is offered instead, you would be making a big mistake. The Blackwire C725 is a high standard headset that is backed by a proper 2 year Plantronics Warranty. In addition to that, it is one of the impressive points of the Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review.

A proper company warranty proves to be very helpful when the customer has any problem with the headset and he needs to get a repair job done or replacement made. When you have a low standard headset that does not come with a company warranty, you would have the option to get the warranty claim in a proper way. Plantronics Blackwire C725 does not have this problem. During the warranty span, if the customer figures out that there is a problem with the headset, he can get back to the company and hold a discussion for his claim. Plantronics believes in serving its customers in the best manner.

High Standard customer support team

While searching for headsets online, most customers are only concerned about how much the cost would be. There is nothing bad about this approach but you should not rule out the importance of customer support. Customers need to get in touch with the representatives of the company while they are considering the headset and even after the purchase has been made. A lot of companies do make promises about assisting the customers whenever the need is there but facts prove to be a lot different. Once the customer tries to get in touch with the support team, his query gets delayed unnecessarily by the headset company.

You should not expect such a response from Plantronics as the company is highly professional. It has a professional customer support team that works on 24/7 basis so that customer queries can be entertained on the priority basis. If the customer thinks that he needs to ask something, he can get in touch with the support team by using various methods. This team entertains emails from the customers on the priority basis. Unlike other headset brands, Plantronics does not delay email response in any manner. The query of the customer is answered in the shortest possible time span. In addition to that, customers can also get in touch by dialing the toll-free number or chatting online with a support representative. It is one of the attractive points of the Plantronics C725 review that customers are assisted at every stage in a timely way.

Plantronics is not one of the companies that only talk about supporting the customers. Consider that you are interested in buying the Blackwire C725 and you want to know the details about a particular feature. To get the details, you simply have to send an email to eth customer support team explaining the query that you have.  One of the dedicated representatives would go through your email and provide you with the relevant answer. On the other hand, if the headset company does not have a professional customer support teams, customers have to wait for long spans of time for the answers to their questions.

No compatibility problems with major softphone applications

These days a lot of business communication is carried out using softphone applications. Some of these include Skype, Microsoft Lync, and applications by Avaya. When a user is seeking a headset for business use, he prefers a headset that works with these applications without any problem.  The Blackwire C725 does not disappoint the user in this area as well. It works perfectly with all major softphone applications including Skype and Microsoft Lync. Whether you are having an internal conversation with your team or talking one of the customers situated in another location, you would not face any communication problems or clarity issues.

These days, even large scaled companies carry out most of their communication using softphone applications. Thus, the Blackwire C725 proves to be a suitable option for corporate professionals as well.

Improved audio quality with Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing is a feature that helps in the provision of better audio quality. The Blackwire C725 can be termed as a headset which provides exceptional audio quality to the users. One of the features which contribute towards the provision of this amazing audio quality is Digital Signal Processing. Users of this headset go through a heavenly experience when it comes to audio quality and they are able to hear the voice of the caller with 100% clarity.

On the other hand, if you are using a low standard headset, you would not be able to get good audio quality. In other words, it would be hard for you to hear the voice of the listener in a clear manner. You cannot expect this audio quality from an unbranded headset.

Light weighted device

Using a headset at work simply means that you need to wear the device for long hours. If the headset is bulky and has weight, it would be hard for you wear it for the entire day. Plantronics produces the best headsets that do not have a lot of weight.  Thus, if the user wears these devices for long spans, he does not feel any tiredness. If you are working as a customer support professional or online trainer and you need to wear a headset for long spans every day, the Blackwire C725 would prove to be perfect for you. It is a light weighted headset with a good grip. It fits on the head in a perfect manner and user does not have to think about the headset coming off in any way. Other than that, it does not exert any pressure on the head or neck. Users do not get tired at all even if they wear it for the entire day. This can be termed as one of the many positive angles of the Plantronics Blackwire C725 Review.

Using a heavy headset can prove to be very damaging to the user. If the user wears it for long spans, a lot of pressure would be exerted on his shoulder and head. This can result in muscular damage as well as neck pains. The Blackwire C725 is a strong but light weighted headset so you can forget about any pains when using it.

A dynamic equalizer for music files

To enjoy music in the best way, sound with a specific audio quality is required. The audio quality used for normal calling purposes is not the same as the one used for listening to music. If you have the Plantronics Blackwire C725, you can surely enjoy music in the best way. The headset has a dynamic equalizer that adjusts the audio quality when the user is listening to music files. In other words, listening to music using the C725 would prove to be an amazing experience.

Overall Review

The Blackwire C725 is one of the best options for professional use. Due to advantages that it has, various professionals including customer support professionals, stock professionals, and training professionals prefer it over various hearing devices. When it comes to voice clarity, you would be highly impressed with the standard that this headset has. This is not one of the headsets that create distortions during calls. Along with that, users do not get affected by background sounds when they are using this headset. This is simply because it has a proper feature for noise cancellation. If you are looking for a high-quality headset with an economical price