Jabra Bluetooth Headsets are Safe for Use

When you talk about headphones and headsets, technological advancements have changed their definition and appearance on a major scale. There is no doubt that wireless headsets have become the talk of today as they offer a lot more convenience to the user. However, a lot of users still have serious doubts about the safety standards which these wireless devices have to offer. Due to this fear and uncertainty, a lot of users still opt for the conventional corded headsets. People have two key apprehensions when it comes to the wireless headsets. One of them is whether these wireless headsets are health safe. Secondly, users are also worried about whether these headsets are 100% safe while driving.

The general perception about radiation is that it is something harmful and needs to be avoided. In most cases, this statement is 100% true. However, when you talk about Bluetooth radiation, you need to correct your perception. To understand the intensity of Bluetooth radiation, you need to get an idea of the intensity of mobile radiation. When you talk about mobile radiation, scientists from all over the world have carried out comprehensive studies on it. In accordance with various global bodies like “American Cancer Association” and “Food and Drug Administration”, mobile radiation is quite harmful to the human health. Particularly, the “American Cancer Society” clearly identifies that mobile radiation gives birth to cancer. Particularly when you talk about giving cell phones to children, parents need to be very careful.

The range of signals transmitted by mobile phones is quite long. You can communicate through cell phones with a person even when you are several kilometers away from him. This clearly explains that the intensity of mobile phone signals is quite strong. Thus, they prove to be extremely harmful to the health. On the other hand, Bluetooth signals have a more restricted range. People mostly use Bluetooth devices when their mobile phones are in their pockets. On an average scale, the range of a Bluetooth device is 10 meters / 30 feet. Hence, they are not as harmful as mobile signals.  If the radiation intensity of mobile phones is compared with the one of a Bluetooth device, Bluetooth device radiations are 1000 times less in terms of intensity.

Bluetooth Devices are Safer to Use While Driving

When you talk about using cell phones while driving, it is not a safe idea at all. Driving is a job that requires 100% concentration and you cannot afford to hold a mobile phone with one hand. A Bluetooth device proves to be much safer as you do not have to hold it with one hand. When you are driving a vehicle and you can have to shift your concentration to your mobile phone, there are high chances that you may meet up with an accident.  On the other hand, when you are using a Jabra Bluetooth Headset, you can get quality call reception without even touching your mobile phone.

Controlling the vehicle properly and abiding by safe speed limits is extremely important if you plan to drive safe. With a quality Jabra Bluetooth Headset, you can concentrate 100% on driving without holding your mobile phone. When you talk about communicating while driving, a wireless Bluetooth device actually proves to be of great assistance. These devices almost eliminate the chances of meeting up with deadly accidents. When you are communicating with someone over the phone, you cannot keep your attention completely on driving. A sharp turn or a speed may result in the car getting banged. Even while using a wireless Bluetooth device, you would be communicating with someone. However, as you do not have to look at a screen or operate a device, your concentration would not get spoilt that much. Even when you are using a Bluetooth device, your goal should be to restrict the number of calls while you driving.

Bluetooth Devices Reduce Accidents

A lot of people even reply text messages while they are driving. This is nothing less than opting for suicide. While driving, you have to concentrate on your speed, control, other vehicles coming your way and various other things as well. In case of a Bluetooth device, you would not focus on the messages being sent to you and your concentration would be on driving safely. When you talk about traffic regulations, using your mobile phone while driving is counted as the violation of the traffic law. However, when you are using a wireless Bluetooth device, you would not be violating any traffic regulations. Jabra is a reputed company that produces quality wireless headsets. The company produces high-quality devices that offer clear sound quality, noise cancellation features, the highest level of comfort and various other features to the users.

When you are involved in a conversation while you are driving and you are using a Bluetooth device, you do not have to take your hands off the steering wheel. Thus, as compared to holding your cell phone with one hand, communicating by using a Bluetooth is a much safer option. When you talk about driving, having a good eyesight is not everything that you need. It is important to have proper control as well. In other words, communicating through Bluetooth while driving is much safer than communicating on the mobile phone directly.

Minimize Communication Even While Using Bluetooth Devices

Using Bluetooth devices does not mean that it is good to have long communications while driving. Even when you are using a Bluetooth device, you would not be able to pay full attention to driving. Hence, while driving, your aim should be to minimize your call duration and entertain emergency calls only.