If Wireless Earbuds Is So Bad, Why Don't Statistics Show It

Earbuds are the pair of small listening device usually wrapped with cotton or leather. Earbuds are either wired or wireless. Wireless earbuds are usually Bluetooth enabled and are connected through Bluetooth. Early on when headphones were introduced in market they were large in size and were used by listeners to listen music or for conversations. But with the growth of technology large size headphones are replaced by tiny earbuds.

Wireless headsets or earbuds usually possesses a transmitting unit or Base unit. The sound is travelled from the base unit to earbuds using infrared or radio waves. The headphones or earbuds gather the waves and modify them to the sound which we hear from the headsets. Wireless earbuds may look ideal and flawless for the listeners but they have few drawbacks too. The sound quality of wireless earbuds or headsets is mostly substandard and it does not block outdoor sound as good as headsets.

Wireless earbuds or headsets have limited battery life as compared to wired earbuds that have no battery so consumers can use them for the unlimited period of time. Wireless earbuds are usually more long-lasting than wired earbuds. The wires are usually very thin and they are prone to wear out while wireless earbuds are usually sweat proof and shock resistant.

Wireless earbuds are ideal for listening music during the workout but if customers want better sound quality wired earbuds are better for them. Different companies are introducing headsets and earbuds with latest technology over the years. Plantronics Headsets, Logitech headsets, Sennheiser headsets and Sony are major headsets and earbuds producing organizations. They are producing headsets with latest technology from last few decades.

Although wireless earbuds have some drawbacks but they are still very famous in consumers due to their some qualities. We have to discuss the pros and cons of wireless earbuds.

Usually, the sound quality of headsets is better to wireless earbuds. Earbuds do not block outdoor noise as well as headsets. .Bluetooth enables wireless headphones or earbuds did not have sound quality up to mark when they were introduced in the market as compared to other typical corded headsets. . But with the introduction of bass boosting technology along with noise isolation design by which listeners listen beat with the music the sound quality of wireless earbuds get better.

At the present time wireless earbuds have almost same sound quality as wired headsets. The type size and quality of the drivers are major factors up on which sound quality of wireless earbuds depends. The sound quality of wireless earbuds also depends on its distance from the transmitter. The signals tend to drop and sound quality reduces when we exceed from its range. Another thing that affects the signals are obstructions between transmitter and headset. The obstruction could be wall or an electronic device that also have the same feature.

Wireless earbuds or headsets runs on battery. Smart phone wireless earbuds or headsets are usually connected via Bluetooth with the required device. The PC wireless headphones collect signals from the base that is connected to the computer. Battery life of wireless earbuds is approximately 8 hours. It is major drawback in wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are usually more sensitive than corded headsets. The built in circuitry in wireless earbuds make them less resistant to unexpected shocks and drops. On the other hand, corded headphones are very much sensitive to sudden drops and shocks. This drawback in wireless earbuds reduces the lifetime of it.

When we took comfort into consideration wireless earbuds are usually less comfy than typical wired headsets. Especially for long term usage corded headsets are more comfortable to wear than wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds may also not fit in any one ear canal properly. This makes them very uncomfortable for the consumers.

Early on when wireless headsets or earbuds were first introduced first in the market they were expensive and out the reach of an average person’s budget. When the technology gets better earbuds that are more affordable are produced by different companies. In recent years we can buy Bluetooth enabled headphones in very affordable price.

Some wireless earbuds loose signals when we use them on the go. Even little jolt in head disturbs it signal and connection drops as well as sound quality. This makes it very frustrating for the listeners especially in case of long calls. Listeners could not move freely during the call. Wireless earbuds can be used during walking and doing some other task. Consumers can receive a call with just one touch of the button when they are listening to the music and can slip back back to music when call ends. The range of infrared headphones or earbuds is approx 30 feet while range of radio wireless headset is approx 100 to 300 feet. Bluetooth enabled headphones gives greater freedom of movement as signals travel throughout the place.

Wireless earbuds are very small in size. Earbuds producing organizations are trying to make their control box as small as possible. These results in multifunction buttons are inserted.. This makes them very confusing for the consumers. Bluetooth enabled earbuds come with extra functions that make our life very easy. . Listeners can answer a phone call even when they are listening to the music. Wireless headsets have a button that allows users to receive a call and revert back to their original task when calls end.

Wireless earbuds are usually more expensive than headsets. Wireless earbuds were very expensive and difficult to purchase early on when they were introduced in the market. But as technology grows companies produce less expensive earbuds but they are still more expensive than headsets. Some wireless headsets or earbuds have noise canceling feature in it.

This feature eliminates the loud distractions from the environment. It also helps listeners to stay focused and concentrated while listening to music, conversing or watching television. The key features and characteristics of wireless earbuds make them favorite for the consumers although they have many drawbacks.