Five Plantronics Headsets Perfect For Office Phones

The world is progressing at a very fast pace and professionals from all over the world constantly need to interact with each other on daily basis. Whether the users are working in a customer care center, a stock exchange building, an IT center or any other such environment they frequently need to communicate their colleagues and managers, consumers or other stakeholders in order to carry out their daily work responsibilities. In order to facilitate the professionals in their everyday routine high-quality headsets are required in workplaces. Plantronics is a very prominent name in manufacturing amazing headsets since 1961 and they have been making amazing products since then. The first office headsets were also introduced by Plantronics which proved to be the huge milestone in headset industry. The below-mentioned headsets have been perfectly designed in order to be used in office environments in order to facilitate the users and help them be productive.

Plantronics Blackwire 5200 Series

The Plantronics Blackwire 5200 series has been specifically designed in order to make communications being carried out in a workplace more effective and efficient. These binaural office headsets have an outstanding audio quality enabling the users to achieve conversations which are seamless and crystal clear. In most office environments the call density is relatively high and users need to communicate frequently with each other in order to proceed. These Plantronics headsets assure the users to have an astounding audio quality. The headsets are well-equipped with a noise canceling mic which assures the conversations are transferred in a clear and effective manner and your caller is able to listen to you clearly and accurately.

The flexible boom arm attached to these amazing office headsets can be adjusted according to the requirement of the users. The boom arm can be adjusted closer to the mouth while speaking and can be moved away while listing to music or entertainment purposes. The intuitive inline controls of these highly usable headsets enable the users to manage their calls in an efficient manner as the controls are quickly accessed by the users and enable them to be productive throughout the working hours.

The design of these amazing headsets is built ergonomically in order to provide users with all-day comfort. The ear tips of these amazing office headsets are cushioned with soft material due to which users are able to wear them throughout the long working hours and avoid causing any kind of health hazards to the professionals. The dual headband sling design provides users with a comfortable and easy to wear the headset during their time in office. These headsets provide the users with an enhanced connectivity as the variants provided along with these remarkable headsets include both universal USB/USB-C type connectivity which enables the users to directly plug these into their smartphones or tables having 3.5 mm connection. The dynamic EQ features of these headsets are responsible for optimizing the quality of calls and automatically adjust the EQ settings according to the audio so that the audio quality is outstanding.

Voyager 8200 UC

The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC headsets are amazing office headsets which provide the users with a reliable and smooth communication throughout the working hours. The office environment can be very distractive and crowded at times and in order to concentrate fully on work and be productive at work, these amazing headsets prove to be very helpful. The active noise canceling properties of these amazing binaural Plantronics headsets is responsible for canceling out all the unwanted noises in the background and transferring crystal clear audio to your caller so that no important information is missed or ignored. The listening time of these headsets is an amazing 24 hours due to which do not have to worry about the battery running out during the long working hours.

The boom less design of these remarkable Plantronics office headsets consists of a dual-paired omnidirectional microphone which plays an important role in ensuring that the environmental noises are canceled out and users are able to listen to their callers clearly in order to carry out their daily work responsibilities. The noise canceling properties of these headsets prove to be very useful and enable the users to concentrate better on their work without being distracted by outside noises.

The advance dual-mode active noise canceling technology embedded in these office headsets by Plantronics enables the users to choose their desired active noise canceling setting according to the environment of the office. The dynamic mute alert functionality of these Plantronics headsets senses and informs the users through an audio message when they are talking when the mute mode is enabled. The smart sensor technology of these amazing office headsets senses and starts playing the audio or answer the call when they are put on which ensures swift response to important business calls and provides the users with an amazing device aiding them I carrying out their daily work responsibilities. These headsets can be connected to multiple devices at a time so that you never miss an important call and still enjoy your favorite music.

Blackwire 300 Series

The Plantronics Blackwire 300 Series contains amazing quality corded headsets for office use which provides the users with a workable solution in order to carry out their daily conversations on a very reasonable price range. The USB connectivity of these amazing office headsets makes them easily connectable to any laptop, PC or office desk phone and carry out high-quality conversations. These binaural corded Plantronics headsets are extremely reliable and durable which makes them highly suitable for small to large business in order to ensure that the business conversations are carried out in an efficient manner.

Users are able to connect multiple devices with these headsets and can switch between the two in order to manage their calls as well as listen to their favorite music at the same time. The superior sound quality of these amazing office headsets offers wideband audio making these headsets ideal for music, audio, and multimedia. The audio quality of these amazing corded headsets is rich and immersive ensuring users with the seamless transference of information. The design of these headsets is very comfortable to wear and professionals working in high call volume environment. The ear tips are coated with the soft material making them easy to wear for long office hours without experiencing any type of health hazard. The UC toolkit provided with these amazing corded headsets enabling the users to set up and installs these headsets instantly without wasting much time on setting up the devices and start using them for efficient communications.

Voyager Legend CS

These Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have been designed keeping the advance and dynamic office environments in mind. These headsets provide the users with an amazing headsets system in order to carry out their daily work responsibilities with complete efficiency and effectiveness. These headsets enable the professionals to move around the office and still manage their calls and carry out their business conversations. The flexible and sophisticated design of these headsets enable the uses to wear them while on the go and the wireless range of these headsets enables the users to answer calls and listen to music even when they are away from their devices.

The smart sensor technology embedded in these headsets enables the users to answer calls instantly just by the outing on these headsets. The noise canceling features of this headsets system enables the users to carry out crystal clear conversations without being interrupted by the noisy or crowded environment. The audio quality is outstanding as these headsets are built upon the modern DSP technology and the wind smart technology enables the users to communicate clearly even in the windy environment or while traveling.

Voyager Focus UC

The Voyager Focus UC wireless headsets by Plantronics are amazing headsets providing the users with the complete package containing a headset and base with sophisticated features. The binaural over the head wearing style enables the users to focus on their work and avoid being distracted by the environmental noises and disturbances. These headsets ensure seamless conversations with professionals working in office environments where call density is high and lets them connect to their smartphone, PC or laptop as well as integrate with their UC applications without any difficulty.

The ANC (active noise canceling) feature of these headsets assures the users of crystal clear communication throughout the working day. The smart sensor technology works upon the contextual intelligence enabling the audio to stop when the headsets are taken off and answer calls automatically when the headset is worn. The dynamic mute alert functionality of these headsets informs the users while they are talking in mute mode and a battery time of up to 12 hours enables the users to avoid worrying about drained out battery during the working hours. The built of these amazing headsets is very comfortable and the ear pads are soft so that users can wear them during long working hours without feeling any type of health hazard or exertion on neck or shoulders.