Different Types of Headphones

Buying headphones can be confusing because they are used for various purposes. Before you make a purchase, you need to be sure about the purpose, you would use it for. For instance, you can use headphones for listening to music while working out, attending to calls and various other purposes. Given below are some categories of headphones which are purchased by users according to their preferences.

Headphones for Sports

A fact is that you cannot randomly pick any kind of headphone and use it while running on the treadmill or exercising at the gym.  First of all, these headphones need to have a sweat proof coating. The human body does not remain in a stationery position when a person is exercising. Thus, when you are buying a headphone that would be used when you are playing sports, it needs to have a good grip. In other words, it should not come when you move physically. Devices recommended for sports need have sweat proof coating. In other words, they should have a color protection coating so that the color does not come off in case of sweat.

Headphones for Travelling

When you are buying headphones for travelling purposes, there are few key factors that you need to take into account. First of all, headphones which have to be used while travelling need to be compatible and light weighted. They should not occupy a lot of space and a person should be able to carry them without a lot of hassle.

In-Ear Headphones

There is no doubt that in-ear headphones offer the best value in terms of money. However, the headphones do not have a good grip; they would come off every now and then causing comfort issues for the user. If the headphones do not have a good grip, the user would not be able to block the noise in the environment. In-ear headphones can prove to be a good purchase if they have a stable grip and fit properly in the ear.

Hi-Fi Headphones

If you talk about the size and appearance, hi-fi headphones are bulky. However, the sound quality which these headphones have to offer is simply exceptional. You can get the best out of these amazing devices if they are used with amplifiers. Hi-Fi headphones have a strong bass and amazingly clear sound. Due to the large size of these headphones, they are not highly recommended to be used for travelling purposes.

Custom in Ear Monitor

Most headphones have a standard fit and shape that does not suit everyone’s ears. On the other hand, Custom in ear monitor headphones fit automatically according to the shape of the ear. These headphones have a high price range. Due to the custom fitting feature, these devices provide exceptional sound quality and amazing noise cancellation feature as well. If you are looking for economically priced headphones, you would not find these devices affordable.

Headphones for iOS and Smartphones

There are various companies that deal in headphones. Some of these headphones are highly recommended for smartphones. One of these headphones is the Sennheiser Urbanites. Headphones falling in this category are equipped with certain key features. One of them is an inline microphone which makes taking calls an easy task. Apart from that, these devices have remote controls that help in playing / pausing music files from a distance.

Headphones with Noise Cancellation Facility

There is no doubt that noise cancellation is one feature that has changed the world of headphones. High quality headphones come with a noise cancellation microphone that is inbuilt. Thus, when you are listening to your favorite music tracks, you do not even have to think that background sound would enter your ear. All kinds of background sounds are blocked with the help of this microphone. Whether you are standing at the airport with planes flying over your head or on a busy street where vehicles are passing by, you do not have to be apprehensive about any kind of background sounds.

Over the Ear Headphones

People who prefer to buy over the ear headphones only to get the best comfort level opt for over the ear headphones. These headphones cover the entire ear and provide an amazingly high level of comfort and ease. These hearing devices are larger than the other headphone categories in terms of size. Hence companies that produce them have the option to enhance the performance levels and offer a greater standard of sound quality.

Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones

There is no doubt that Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones are extremely popular among all generations.  With the help of Bluetooth headphones, you do not have to carry your phone to take calls. You can keep it at a distance and still attend to your calls with the help of wireless connectivity. These days, people seek the maximum comfort level when they are buying headphones. With wireless headphones, you do not have to sit near your computer or smartphone and handle your calls or listen to music.  Wireless devices offer you the comfort to move about and perform these tasks.

On Ear Headphones:

On- Ear headphones are also called super aural. In terms of size, they have a smaller size as compared to over the ear headphones. They are not very large in terms of size and can be carried easily for travelling purposes. Most of these devices are foldable and the user can carry them for travelling even if he does not have a lot of space.

With so many categories of headphones available, people do get confused about what they should buy and what needs to be ignored. Your selection should depend on the purpose you need to use the device for. Along with that, if you are seeking something that should last for a long time, opt for reputed brands. Branded products last longer and provide quality sound to the customers. Paying very low prices and getting unbranded products in return is not wise thinking in anyway. It is always better to opt for high quality branded products.