Complete Guide: Plantronics Compatible Headsets for Nortel Phones

Every headset is not compatible with every phone. This is something that users need to know. If you use a headset with a phone that it is not compatible with, you would go through issues like low call reception, disturbed call sound, and call dropping. To avoid this problem, you should only purchase a headset that is recommended for a particular phone set. For instance, there are certain headsets that are recommended for Nortel Phones. If you have a Nortel phone, you should look for a headset that works with it. Plantronics is one of the most dependable brands that produce headsets for Nortel phones. Given below are some of the headphones by Plantronics that work well with Nortel Phones.

  1. Plantronics CS530

The CS530 is a highly popular wireless headset used for communication at both home and work. If you have a Nortel Phone and you are searching for a headset that would go along with it, the CS530 would surely fulfill your requirement. As it is designed by Plantronics, you can rest assured that you would experience the best standard of call reception. You also do not need to have apprehensions about the audio quality. This is not one of the headphones that require you to make an effort to listen to a caller. The CS530 surely is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel Phones.

Some of the other benefits of the CS530 are listed below.

  1. Every user wants to go wireless and talk in a flexible way without being restricted to sit near the device and talk. If you have a wireless headset, it simply means that you should be able to take calls while moving around and walking out of the room. With the CS530, you have the option attain all this flexibility. This headset offers state of the art Bluetooth connectivity without any reception problems. In other words, the voice of the caller would not break and you would not have to repeat things to listen clearly. Even if you have wall beams between you and your phone, the voice would not break.

    There is no point in being able to move 1 foot away from the base while using a wireless headset. There is no point in spending money on such a wireless headset. However, the CS530 is surely not one of those headsets because it comes with an unbelievable Bluetooth range of 350 feet. In other words, you can comfortably walk away from your workstation to the next room and even to the conference room next to it while being on call. Top level managers using Nortel phones find this headset very suitable as they have to take calls while attending corporate meetings and seminars. They have busy schedules due to which they cannot remain seated at all times. With the CS530, they can entertain their calls without sitting close to their Nortel phone.

  2. Do you need a wireless headset with your Nortel phone that allows you to go through lesser recharging? If yes then you would surely find the CS530 suitable. It reduces a lot of tension for the user as it can be used for 6 hours without any break. This headset offers a healthy talk time of 6 hours after you have charged it fully. People who do not have the time to charge the headset after every half hour prefer this device. It is not one of the headsets for which you need to connect the charger for long hours. The CS530 can be recharged in quick time and this proves to be helpful for corporate users as their professional tasks are not interrupted for long spans.

  3. Every call has its own importance and it is hard to listen to the voice of the caller if people are talking about you. This is because this sound of people talking would enter your ear and make it hard for you to focus on your call. When you are using the CS530, the situation becomes completely different as this headset has a noise cancellation feature. How does this feature help? The noise cancellation feature prevents sound in the background from disturbing you and blocks them completely. This simply means that when you are on a call and there is noise in your environment, you would not hear any of this noise. This would make it quite easy for you to focus on the call and communicate with the caller without any interruptions.

  4. Most users who own a wireless headset do not know about think about DECT technology. This is the reason due to which they do not give importance to this feature when they are purchasing a headset. In the modern day technology dominated world, DECT a mandatory constituent for every quality headset. This technology combats Wi-Fi interferences and prevents your call quality from being disturbed in any way. Consider that Wi-Fi connections are being used around you when you are taking an important official call. These Wi-Fi connections would surely hamper your call quality and standard of reception.

    This may also result in distortion. As the CS530 has DECT 6.0 technology, its users do not get disturbed due to Wi-Fi interferences. When you are using the CS530, all kinds of interferences would be blocked and you would be able to carry on with your call without any form of disturbance. DECT 6.0 technology is one of the main features due to which the CS530 is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones.

  5. While you are communicating wirelessly, the frequency of the sound may fluctuate from time to time. At times, this sound frequency increases to a harmful limit and damages the ear. This is one of the many areas where reliable branded headsets prove to be much better than the low standard unbranded ones. The Plantronics CS530 has a 100% dependable mechanism that protects ears from spikes and sound frequency fluctuations. Even if you are on a call and the sound frequency rapidly increases, you would not face any harmful effects. This is simply because the CS530 has the reliable Soundguard Technology.

  6. When you are considering headsets to use with your Nortel Phone, comfort should be one of your priorities. It is not possible to use a headset if your it is not good to wear. The CS530 is immensely comfortable and fits perfectly on the ear. The grip of the headset is dependable and the device does not come off if the user stands up while sitting or changes his posture in any way. Secondly, the headset is light weighted and this helps a lot as well. As it does not have a lot of weight, users can simply forget about getting exhausted while wearing this device. Even if you wear it for 24 hours at a stretch, you would not have a backache, neck spasm or any other health-related issue. This is a comfortable headset and can be worn easily to take long conference calls, attend lengthy meeting sessions and perform various other tasks as well.

  7. The CS530 can be attained to an HL10 lifter. This proves to be helpful when you need to pick calls made to your Nortel phone without going towards it. With the HL 10 lifter, you can take the call with the press of a button without going towards the phone. Similarly, the same button can be used to put the receiver back in its place without touching it by pressing the same button. For team leaders and line managers who need to attend meetings with multiple teams, this headset is a good option as it allows them to take calls without even touching the phone.

Plantronics CS540

The Plantronics CS540 is surely one of the widely used wireless headsets globally. In addition to that, it is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. There are several factors which make it a highly preferred wireless headset including battery talk time, soundguard technology feature, noise cancellation quality, DECT 6.0 technology and amazing comfort level.

  1. A fact is that talking to someone in a noisy environment can prove to be a seriously irritating experience. If your headset does not have a proper noise cancellation option, you would face this problem every time when you are communicating in a noisy environment. For instance, if you have the sound of a fire brigade near you and you are on a call, you would not be able to focus in any way as the sirens would disturb you completely. However, the CS540 comes with quality noise cancellation and this blocks background sounds so that communicate peacefully.

    The CS540 provides incomparable convenience to the user like all other quality headsets by Plantronics. In other words, you do not have to focus on the quietness of the environment in which you are present. Whether you are present in a room that has complete silence or on a busy street where several people are talking about you, you would be able to take your calls without getting disturbed.

  2. It is hard to sit in one place and entertain a call. For instance, if you have a call on your Nortel phone and you know that it would be a lengthy call, you would like to move about and talk instead of sitting in one place. You can only attain this flexibility of the headset you are using has quality Bluetooth connectivity and a good range to support it as well. If you are using the CS540, both these requirements would be fulfilled without any problem. The CS540 has high standard Bluetooth connectivity which prevents calls from being dropped when the user moves away from the base.

    Most headsets do not offer this facility to the user. In addition to that, the CS540 is one of the very few quality headsets that offer a range of more than 300 feet. Users of CS540 can move up to a maximum distance of 350 feet away from their Nortel phone while being on call. The call quality would not be disturbed in the slightest manner even if you are present at 350 feet away from the phone. This option helps the users a lot at work. For instance, if you are present in your meeting room with your phone being in the conference room and there is an incoming call, you can take it without going to the conference room. The call quality does not get adversely affected when the user is not near the phone and takes a call.

  3. The impressive battery life of the CS540 makes it a highly preferred wireless headset. This is not a headset that offers a talk time of one or two hours. Corporate professionals prefer this headset as it offers a continuous talk time of 7 hours. Once it has been fully charged, you can use it for almost the entire day at work without any recharging. While being at work, it is hard to ignore professional tasks and connect the headset to the charger.

    Other than that, if the headset is paired with your Nortel business phone, you would have to go towards the phone and take the call until the headset is being charged. If you have a CS540, you would not have to carry a charger with you at all times. As it offers a talk time of 7 hours, you can forget about recharging it for a long time after it has been fully charged. The user also gets a relief that the CS540 does not take a long span to recharge. If you are using a Nortel Phone, you should seriously consider the CS540 to use with it as it is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones.

  4. In today’s corporate world, teamwork is absolutely essential. When it comes to teamwork, conference calling is a necessity as it is required to coordinate with team members. With CS540, you can set up a conference call by following a very simple process. This headset can be connected to 3 other CS540 headsets or any headset that is a part of the Plantronics Savi Series. Like other sub-standard headsets, the call quality does not drop if a conference call is established.

  5. The presence of soundguard technology is important if you are using a headset for official use. Particularly, if you are taking calls from different geographical locations, the sound frequency does not remain constant. This changing sound frequency and sudden spikes can prove to be harmful to your ears. Thus, it is important if you are using a headset, it should protect your ears from this sudden change in sound frequency. This is very much possible if you are using the CS540

     As this headset has the latest soundguard technology, your ears would not get harmed due to sound spikes. Soundguard technology prevents the sound frequency from going above a certain limit. Thus, even if there is a sound frequency change, it would be reduced with the help of this technology. In a nutshell, it can be said that if you are using the CS540 with your Nortel headset, your ears would not be at any risk.

  6. The CS540 is highly comfortable and you can wear it at work without worrying about getting tired in any way. It is not one of the heavy headsets which create a headache when worn for long durations. If you are using a Nortel Phone at work and you need to listen to lengthy calls using it, the CS540 would prove to be one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. It is hard to wear a headset when it does not have a proper padding on the speakers. Headsets which do not have a proper comfort padding cause ear irritation and it is hard to wear them on constant basis

  7. The CS540 has an impressive auto answering feature. The user can use this feature and answer calls without pressing any button. Once the headset is put on, you can answer a call without using any controls. Corporate professionals who have very busy schedules find this option very useful. With this auto-answer feature, they do not have to search for any controls when there is an incoming call. Once the user wears the headset, he does not need controls to the answer the call.

Plantronics PW251 Polaris SupraPlus Wideband Voice Tube Headset

  1. The PW 251 headset by Plantronics is known for the amazing comfort that it offers. Users who use this headset can forget about getting tired in any manner. It is a corded headset and suits people who need to wear a hearing device for lengthy durations on daily basis.  Customer support professionals prefer this headset as it allows them to take calls for long spans without getting tired. These agents need to hundreds of calls every day and they prefer a hearing device that prevents exhaustion. The Polaris PW 251 is one of the recommended headsets in this connection. In addition to that, if you have a Nortel phone at work for business purposes, you should use the PW251 Polaris Supra Plus. It is one of the best compatible headsets for Nortel phones.

  2. For a quality headset, it is very important that the audio quality is impressive. While taking calls at work, it is important that the audio quality is nothing less than perfect. For instance, consider that you are an investment professional and you get a call from one of the investors. It is obvious that official calls are important and the conversations with customers do not have any audio quality issues. This is only possible if you are using a quality headset that has exceptional audio quality. With the PW251 Polaris, you do not even have to think about low audio quality. This headset prevents distortions so that customers can easily communicate without any disruptions.

  3. Wearing a headset for one hour and wearing it for the entire day are two very different things. Even ordinary headsets can be worn for an hour without a lot of problems. However, if you are seeking a headset that can be worn for the entire day without any kind of discomfort, you should consider the PW251 Polaris Supra Plus. Users who use this headset for the whole day do not even feel that they are wearing anything. It is extremely light weighted and you can wear it 24/7 without the slightest of discomforts.

  4. The headset set has built-in amplifiers which make it a good option for listening to music as well.  In other words, this headset can be easily used for both personal and professional purposes.

Plantronics PW251N Polaris Supra Plus Wideband Ultra Noise Canceling

  1. The Plantronics PW251 Polaris Supra Plus can be termed as one of the most impressive headsets. It is also one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. If you are using a Nortel phone and you are seeking a headset that goes well with it, the PW251N would surely suit you. It is a light weighted device which simply means that there would be no back stress or headaches. Users who use this at work for the entire day do even feel the slightest of tiredness. It is hard for users to handle headsets which do not have a good grip. These headsets come off when the user moves his head or bends down. In this way, users have to adjust the headset time and again which proves to be very irritating. Users who use this headset do not go through any such problem because it has a very stable grip. Once you wear it, it would not come off until you take it off intentionally.

  2. To concentrate on a call, it is important that you do not have loud sounds in the background. If you have loud sounds in the background, it would be hard for you to concentrate on the call. With PW251N, you do not need to make any effort to listen to what the caller is saying. Whether you are standing in the middle of a crowd or on a silent street, you would be able to handle your call without any issues. The noise cancellation option with the PW251 blocks background sounds complete. This is important if you want to focus on an important call without any interruptions irrespective of whether it is personal or professional. When a headset has a noise cancellation option, the users can hear the caller even if there are thunder and lightning behind them.


Noise cancellation is a mandatory factor particularly for important calls at work. During these calls, you cannot afford to have any communication issues. For instance, if you have a call from one of the offshore directors, you would find it hard to listen to him if you have a noisy environment. This would obviously affect your professional performance in an adverse manner. On the other hand, when you have the PW251, as all background sounds would be blocked, you would not have any clarity issues while communicating in a noisy atmosphere.

  1. Some professions require users to wear the headset for the entire day. If you are working as a contact center professional and providing support to customers, you would be expected to wear the headset for the entire day. To wear a headset for the entire day, some requirements need to be fulfilled. In addition to that, all headsets do not fulfill this requirement. The Polaris PW251N Polaris by Plantronics is one of the few quality headsets that fall into this category.

    The headset first perfectly on the head as it has an adjustable band. In other words, you can adjust the band according to your heads size. The grip of the headset is quite good as well and it does not come off when the user moves from one point to the other. You may get a headset for a much lower price but it would not even have half the comfort level. To wear a headset for long spans, comfort is highly important.

  2. No one likes to purchase a headset which would not last for a long span. Every user prefers a headset that is durable and would last for a long time. Once you have purchased the PW251N, you can stop thinking about buying another headset for a long time. The PW251 is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. It is highly durable and can survive the common wear and tear without any problem.

Plantronics Savi W740

The Savi W740 can be counted among the top of the line wireless headsets by Plantronics. The headset has some of the most advanced features which make it one of the best devices for corporate use. Corporate professionals use it for personal purposes as well. Here are few other key benefits of this amazing device.

  1. It is quite hard to find a headset that can be worn using multiple wearing styles. The Savi W740 is among the very few ones that fall in this category. The user can wear it using the “over the ear” style, “over the head” style and behind the neck style as well. As this headset can be worn using different styles, it can be used to serve different professional requirements as well.  It is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones.  With the headset being available in different styles, it proves to be highly suitable for different professions. For instance, professionals related to the contact center industry use it with the “over the head” style while insurance brokers wear it using the “over the ear” style. The Savi W740 is one of the finest wireless headsets that suits high standard working employees.

  2. Even small sized corporate companies have multiple Wi-Fi connections running at a time. If you have multiple Wi-Fi connections being used around you and you are entertaining a call, the call quality would get hampered. For instance, there may be a distortion or the call may even get dropped. Professionally, this does not generate a good impression do you need to avoid it. With the Savi W740, you do not have to think about the call quality being hampered. This headset has DECT 6.0 technology which is a highly advanced framework for blocking Wi-Fi interferences. If you are using the W740, you can talk for as long as required without thinking about the call quality. At work, even if multiple Wi-Fi connections are active around you, your call quality would be adversely affected in any way.

  3. Do you have a lot of background noise at work? Is it hard for you to concentrate on important calls at work because you get disturbed by background sounds? If this is the case, you need to get a headset which has a proper noise cancellation so that background sounds can be blocked without any problem. The Savi W740 accomplishes his task easier. It has a dependable option for blocking background sound. Now, you do not have to worry if you are taking calls in a noisy environment. Irrespective of how noisy the environment is, background sounds and environmental noises would be completely blocked so that your call is not hampered.


The Savi W740 is one of the compatible headsets for Nortel phones. If you are using a Nortel phone as a working employee, entrepreneur or even at home, you should connect the Savi W740 along with it. If you get a call on your Nortel Phone, you can move away from the phone and talk in a comfortable relaxed manner by using your Savi W740.


  1. Office hours do get extended when there is extra workload. This creates a problem when your headset is overused and it starts running out of battery. In other words, taking calls becomes a harder task. If you have the W740, you do not even have to imagine that your headset would run out of power. The Savi W740 comes with a swappable battery. In other words, when your internal battery runs out of power, it is replaced by the alternate battery present beside it. The good thing is that you do not have to unscrew any part of your headset to replace the battery. Simply press the required button and the alternate battery would start working in place of the actual internal battery. The talk time offered by the internal battery of the Savi W740 is quite impressive as well. Once the internal battery has been charged 100%, you can recharge it in a short span. The Savi 740 is not a wireless headset that needs to be connected to the charger for long to be recharged.

  2. The W740 can be used easily for conference calls. These days, conference calling is a regular day to day task at work. Departmental heads do conduct conference calls when they need to conduct a meeting with the team members. With the W740, this is very much possible. This headset can be connected to a maximum of 3 other Savi series headsets. Even when the headset is used for conference calling purposes, you can expect crystal clear call quality.

  3. There is no doubt that the wireless connectivity option offered by this headset is highly impressive. Users of the Savi W740 can use the hearing device at a maximum length of 350 feet from the base. The call quality is completely distortion free whether the user is standing next to the base or at a distance of 350 feet from it. This headset offers immense ease of use to the customer and he can handle his calls while walking, running on the treadmill or even while shopping. Having a good range is one of the key specifications of a quality wireless headset. Plantronics is one of the few reputed brands that provide incredible blue tooth ranges to the user. You would find a lot of other brands offering similar wireless connectivity ranges to the user.


Simply offering a high blue tooth range is not all that customers seek. The offered Bluetooth connectivity needs to have a high-quality standard as well. There is no point in having a Bluetooth wireless range of 300 feet when calls get dropped as soon as you move away from the base. This is where Plantronics differs from other headset companies and maintains a better standard as well. All the headset features offered by the company have the exceptional standard. With Plantronics Savi W470, even if you are on a distant call, it would not get dropped due to low-quality connectivity. Through all its headsets, Plantronics believes in offering nothing but the best to its customers.


  1. The Savi W740 can be used a common communication platform for your Nortel phone, the smartphone as well as the computer. In other words, you can use the same device to take calls that are received on any of these devices. This simply means that the user does not have to use an individual headset for each device on which a call is received. For instance, if you are using the Savi W740, it can be paired with your Nortel phone at work. In this way, you would be able to entertain all your official calls using this headset. Once you leave from work and move towards your house, you can use the same Savi W740 to take the incoming calls on your smartphone. This is because the same headset would be paired with your smartphone as well. Similarly, when you are at home, you can use your Savi W740 to handle your PC calls.


By all means, the Savi W740 is one of the most helpful wireless headsets that corporate users can get their hands on. Other than that, it surely comprises of the most advanced features that users need to communicate these days. For instance, these days, traffic jams have become a part of our daily routine. To take calls in a disturbance-free manner, you need a headset that comes with noise cancellation option. Using a headset without noise cancellation simply means that you would face a hard time in listening to the caller. Gone are the days when corporate professionals used to talk all their calls while sitting on their desks.

With the Savi W740, you can move away with your headset at a distance of 350 feet from your device. You do not have to sit next to your phone or computer and handle all calls. In a nutshell, it can be said that the Savi W740 offers more mobility to the user. It allows the user to move around and walk away from his seat while carrying on with the communication. With a wireless device, no one likes to be hung up due to the battery running out of power. The users of Savi W740 can forget about facing any battery-related problems. This is simply because the Savi W740 has an attractive talk time and comes with a swappable battery feature as well. In other words, you do not have to worry about the device turning off due to battery power. This simply does not happen when you are using this headset.

Once the internal battery of the headset is consumed completely, the battery is switched and the swappable battery takes its place. This proves to be a blessing when you are in the middle of an important call and the headset does not turn off even when the internal battery is completely consumed. Plantronics is one of the best companies when you talk about producing high standard headsets. It is a trustworthy company that focuses on the quality of each product. Customers have the option to opt for a warranty claim if the product has any fault before one year or the related time span. For warranty claims, the customer can get in touch with the support team of the company and discuss his concern.