Call Center Headsets

A headset is a device that is used for multimedia and communication purposes. These devices are mainly used by people who are constantly on the move or for those who work for offices. There is a vast number of people who use the headset, such as those who greatly benefit from the convenience this device will provide. The contact center industry is one the largest contributors to the world's economy. The agents who are considered to be the key players in this industry are the primary users of this invention.

Call center agents require a tool that can maximize their work efficiency, and since the nature of their job is to answer customers' concerns over the phone, they need to have a tool that enables them to perform their tasks with minimal effort. Call center headsets are devices specially designed to provide agents excellent sound quality that reduces any unwanted background noise in order to have a crystal clear conversation with a customer.

How to Choose The Right Headset?

There is a wide range of factors that users should consider when selecting the perfect model of a headset that will definitely provide the functionality they require. Here are a few tips that you can base on.


There are headsets that vary in terms of its price. But, what you should look out for is the quality that you get and how much you are willing to spend on.


Depending on what is the purpose that you are getting a headset. Make sure you choose the right one that suits your needs. Wireless and corded variants are the most popular among these varieties and do a little research on what function each can provide so you can do a comparison. Remember, each headset model has its own features. Make sure that the benefits you will gain from the headset you choose match your purpose.

Comfort and Style

  • Working with comfort is absolutely a must as this will gradually work efficiently and have better productivity

  • The best headset model is a headset that accessorizes the way you work and make you  look more sophisticated

Sound Quality

  • Great sound quality is the main feature that we should look at when it comes to a headset. There are dual ear and monaural (single earpiece) models that have great sound quality. Dual earpiece models provide surround sound while monaural doesn't.  Both provide great sound quality, but your choice still depends on your purpose.

Points to Know About:

As stated earlier, make sure to know the features of the choice you have in mind. Some of these features use words that may not sound so familiar and could trouble you. Not to worry, here are some of the technicalities you should know about.

Durability Rating

  • This has a scale of 1 up to 5, 1 being least durable and 5 most durable. This gives you an overview of how sturdy a headset is and from there, you can figure out how long the headsets' lifespan is.

Cable Length

  • This shouldn't be too much of a problem, and just make sure to get just the right length in order to avoid anything that can hinder you from using your headset conveniently. Headsets for Call Center should be lengthy as agents do need mobility in order to maximize work efficiency.

Monaural and Stereo

  • For those who aren't familiar with this, stereo is the term widely used for dual earpiece headsets and provides stereo sound that allows "surround" sound. The monaural or mono is the term used for the single earpiece variants that provide a mono sound.


  • This is the range of what speakers and listeners will hear. This may sound confusing but to put it simply is this how sound is measured and how clear we can hear the audio being emitted.

Standard Features for Headsets:

There are many headsets on the market today and each has a feature that matches its design. Office headsets have Bluetooth variants and Wireless Headsets for Call Centers. But there are standards that apply to all designs, and here are a few of them.


  • Call Center Wireless headsets are essential in the call center industry as it provides a wide range that covers an entire floor. Other types of workplaces can also benefit from this feature as this can provide mobility and will certainly improve the health of both the officers and employees.

Noise Cancellation

  • This is very important in a Call Center Headphone's design as agents must make sure that their customer is well taken care of and understands everything that they are trying to say. Offices are quite noisy and a noise-canceling headset just seems fit for its environment.

A Wide Range of Choices

  • Users should always have the option to choose what's best for them, which is why headset developers feature many variants for each headset design in order to serve the needs of consumers. Usually, the choices that users can choose from are the wireless or corded variant. Aside from this, there are optional add-on accessories that people can choose from in order to customize their personal headset.

Headset Cord Length

  • The standard of a headset cord's length is usually 3 feet. But some manufacturers provide a longer cable as some people have their own preference and needs.

The Big Names in the Headset Market:

There are just too many names to mention and models in the headset market to mention. But here are some headset brands and models that have been a favorite choice of many.

Sennheiser CC510

  • It was designed to for durability and was given the highest mark of 5 in the durability rating, and it is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Sennheiser DW Pro

  • Long lasting battery, up to 8 hours use and only needs a 40 minute charge time.

Sennheiser S230

  • Designed as an entry-level easy to use the headset with an inexpensive price.

Plantronics EncorePro

  • The comfort that this headset provided proved that thick padding on earpieces is really effective.

Plantronics C8500

  • Its main highlight was its long-range wireless range and was given a score of 4 out of 5.

Jabra GN9120

  • Classified as a call center headphone, its noise cancellation and 150-meter wireless range that used WiFi allowed agents to work efficiently.

Jabra PRO 9400

  • Provided users a convenient control unit and multiple phone link connectivities.

Logitech H330

  • It has stereo sound quality and a six-foot-long cable cord.