6 Perfect VoIP Soft Phones with Bluetooth Computer Connectivity for PCs in 2018

Call centers, customer service offices, and many other professional office environments need VoIP soft calling setups in order to fulfill their daily chores. A Bluetooth wireless headset provides a lot of great benefits in such environments by eliminating the mess wires create and also enabling people using them to move around freely while still connected through the Bluetooth wireless connections. Many different headsets brands have innovated quite a lot but the likes of Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser or some other notable ones have really stepped up their game.

Today, there are many great options available that will not only make your callers sound natural and you to them in a similar way but will also offer many other benefits like comfortable wearing for extended periods of time, call answering just by putting the headsets on your head or even the different wearing styles like back of the neck, on ear or over the head ones. Users can choose whichever ones suit their needs best and benefit from some of these great options efficiently. If you run a call center or any other relevant business that requires VoIP soft calling a lot, here are a few great Bluetooth wireless headset options that could provide you a head start:

Plantronics Voyager Focus B825

These Plantronics offerings have ANC (Active Noise Canceling) feature built into their speakers that sets them apart from many other similarly prices headsets in the market. You can trust these when you want your callers to hear your voice only and not all the gibberish that is going on behind you. This feature makes these perfect for loud office environments where the room is shared between a lot of agents or employees calling their own individual clients all the time.

Additionally, these are binaural (both ear) headsets providing great music and sound experience as well with their hi-fi sound and punchy highs and lows. These headsets are compatible with most known VoIP softphones including Cisco, Skype, IBM and Avaya and provide smooth calling with full day battery life along with fast charging even when you do need to charge them up. The additional open microphone button allows you to hear all your surroundings when you need to as well cancelling out the noise cancelation feature temporarily.

Jabra Evolve 75 Wireless

The Jabra Evolve 75 is the most recent USB headset offering from the brand and is designed specifically for busy VoIP call centers. The long wireless range (up to a 100ft) is ideal for bigger call centers and the active noise cancellation works a charm in getting clear natural voice both ways. When you want multimedia experience, these binaural headsets provide great sound in both ears as well connecting through Bluetooth with any compatible devices including smartphones or tablets.

You can also connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at once and through a simple call button press, you can switch between the two connected Bluetooth devices, a very convenient option for busy people as well. The headsets offer up to 15 hours of talk time once you charge them fully and the Jabra link 370 Bluetooth USB adapter is also included for PC connectivity.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Wireless

If you are looking for an office headset perfect for VoIP calling, the Jabra Motion will provide you everything and anything you might need. The latest offering by the company is loaded with features combining many great ones into one. Use these with any desk phone, laptop or PC, iPhone or Android Smartphones via Bluetooth and compatible car Bluetooth setups efficiently and effortlessly. When being used with a desk phone, these offer some of the longest range connectivity, up to 300 feet while offering great and natural sound quality.

A travel case is also provided with your purchase keeping these safe while not in use and travelling. For softphone usage, the base connects with your PC or laptop through a USB connection and there is a large LCD available as well enabling you to navigate through different setups efficiently. These are also some of the most lightweight (1 Oz) going around in the market and provide 8 hours of talk time on a full charge.

Plantronics Blackwire C710-M

Switching over to the monaural (one ear) headsets, that allow you clear crisp sound in one ear and surrounding awareness in the other, the Plantronics Blackwire C710-M have Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) optimization and call be connected with your PC and Smartphone or tablet at the same time efficiently handling all your calls on both devices just as required. The USB connection allows you to pause your cellphone playback on taking these off making these some of the most useful for work purposes when in a corded style of usage.

The industry first Smart Sensing technology responding to your calls and playback as you put these on or off gives them the edge and the dual connectivity via Bluetooth or USB come with their own significant benefits. The Smart Call Transfer feature can automatically route audio from the Mobile Phone to the headset as soon as it detects it to be on the head and VoIP compatibility with most known software applications along with great noise cancellation feature, make these some of the best options on the market.

Jabra Motion USB Wireless

The Jabra Motion USB Wireless headset builds on the already great Jabra Motion Bluetooth Wireless series and offers boosted functionality through the USB wireless connectivity with PCs or Laptops for VoIP softphone implementation. The future-proof technology in these special offerings from Jabra offer you travel or office usage to the best extent and using these with your UC client software, you will be able to gain features like automated work status updating during a phone call.

The Busylight sign tells others that you are on a call and should not be disturbed and the lightweight comfortable headsets will keep you going for as long as required. A feature set like the MFI chipset, NFC premier pairing, Mac or Windows support, 7 hours of talk time on one charge, Bluetooth 4.0 and extended longest range of 300 ft are all add-ons you get with these technology marvel headsets.

Sennheiser DW Pro 2

With their DECT based double sided wireless headset technology, the Sennheiser DW Pro 2 stand tall against any competition. The professional grade materials and comfortable ear foams keep you going throughout the day and the long-lasting battering life will not die on you until you head home finishing a work day. There are many different types of versions of these available and you can go completely Bluetooth wireless or USB wireless and benefit from the dual connectivity feature when required as well.

Sennheiser sound quality is well-known around the work for being unmatched by any of the competition and the DW Pro 2 series guarantees that while being lightweight and comfortable on your ears as well. Fast charging, Ultra Noise Cancellation, and Long distance wireless range are all included along with SennheiserActiveGuard that dampens all sudden boosts in sound keeping your eardrums good as new.