15 Things You Did Not Know About Plantronics CT14

Plantronics is a well-recognized brand. It is offering the best quality headsets on the market for many years. Whether you need a headset for office use or entertainment, they will serve you best in both ways. The headsets are made up from the high quality plastic material. They are also available in three different categories.

The first one is the wireless category, these headphones do not have any wire, but they have a long range so the user could easily move anywhere within range while using them. The second one is the wired category; they have long cords that are thick and sturdy due to which they do not get damaged so quickly.




The third one is the Bluetooth category; these headphones make use of Bluetooth technology so the user would only have to connect these with their devices through Bluetooth and enjoy.

Plantronics has released series of hands-free phones.

But there are some that got so much popular than the other ones. Today, we are going to talk about the Plantronics CT14.

It is a cordless headset phone that is the latest version of the Plantronics CT12. It has the DECT wireless technology that makes it better than the previous ones.

There are different awesome features of this headset phone. Many individuals are not aware of the awesomeness of this headset phone. If you are one of those then not to worry! At the moment, we are going to explain you 15 things that you did not know about Plantronics CT14. These things are explained below:

1. Ideal Size

It is a headset phone that you can easily wear on your head. It is not too small and not too large. It has an ideal size which makes it perfect to be used for a long time. Whether you want to call your loved ones or clients, you can make the most out of this headset phone. It is a unique type of phone.

2. Sleek Design

It has a sleek and small design that makes it quite functional. The design is unique and attractive. You can impress the people around you by using this headset phone. It is impressionable and will suit your personality. Whether you are a man or a woman, it will go with your personality.

3. Lightweight

It is light in weight. It does not matter if you have to be on call for a long time. You can use it for long time use. Because of its featherweight, you would not even feel that you are wearing something.

4. Comfortable To Wear

Due to its design, weight, and size, it provides 100 percent comfortability. If you have to attend calls while doing other tasks, then it is ideal for you. Your hands would be free as it provides complete hands freedom so you can do multitasking. It supports multitasking in the best way. No other headset phone is so superb.

5. Wireless

It is wireless, so there is no need to manage the long wires. Different people do not like the corded systems of their phones. Due to this reason, they want to get such headset phone that is easy to manage which CT14 Plantronics is!

6. Portable

It is easily portable headset phone. There is no need to mix it up with other cordless phone systems as it is different. You can easily take it with you anywhere you want. Whether you want to move from your home to office or office to home, you can be on call through it.

7. Tiny Dial Pad Base

This headset phone has a small dial pad base. You have to connect it to the wire to the headset. It is not just a handset model; it is more than that!

8. Audio Quality

It has an awesome audio quality that is unmatchable with others. There are different headsets in which the user is not able to hear the other person on the line. However, you would not have to face such problem with this headset. The other person would be able to hear you.

9. Volume

You can adjust the volume according to your will. Some people could not handle too much volume while some want high volume to hear the other person. Therefore, Plantronics have integrated this feature in CT14.

10. Two Wearing Styles

You can easily wear this headset over your ear or your head. It has two outstanding wearing styles that are quite impressionable. You can wear it in the style that suits you.

11. Chain Dial

You could now have chain dial from the recorded numbers in the phonebook. Such as, when you are using a calling card with the 1-800 access number then you can access the PIN in the phonebook to have that dialed too, followed by the person number you are going to call.

12. High Range

This headset has a high range that is around 300 feet. Therefore, it enables you to roam freely at the place.

13. Noise Cancelling Microphone

The microphone of Plantronics CT14 has the noise canceling technology. Because of this feature, all the background noises would get cut when you will be talking to the other person on the line.

14. Ten Hours Talk Time

It has a talk time of 10 hours if you have to be on calls for hours. It has a standby of eight days.

15. Phonebook holds up to 70 contacts

It has the phonebook that holds up around 70 contacts. On the other hand, it has been seen that the Caller ID recognizes 30 numbers from the contacts list.

Bottom Line

There are many features incorporated in Plantronics CT14. It has a superior sound quality that sets it apart from the others. It is quite an innovative item that has an awesome reputation for the awesome wireless phone systems. It is known as one of the best convertible headsets made by Plantronics. It looks quite expensive although its price is affordable.